Breaking down the cost of hearing aids

breakdown hearing aid costWhen a person is considering hearing aids, one of the biggest questions is often about cost. People want to know what their hearing aid will cost, or they may go online or to a big box store looking for the best “deal.”

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It’s certainly understandable that you don’t want to pay more than you should for your hearing aids, and finances are a valid concern when making a decision. Although costs will vary based on your needs and the features you want, you can work with an audiologist to get the best possible value for this life-changing medical device.

Determining hearing aid cost

Although it’s difficult to predict exactly what anyone will pay for hearing aids, an average range of cost can give you an idea of what to expect. Most people can examine multiple options and choose the one that best fits their own needs while staying within their budget.

There is a wide range of hearing aid cost depending upon the quality and type of services included.  A very basic pair of entry-level hearing aids can cost $400-550 per device while more advanced technologies can cost $2,000-3,000 per device.  The AARP reports the average pair of quality hearing aids costs approximately $4,400 for a pair, which equates to mid-level technology.

Insurance coverage for hearing aids

If you have health insurance, please contact one of our clinics for assistance in verifying your coverage.  Many times the customer service representatives with insurance plans are not fully aware of the individual contracts and benefits we have established with health insurance companies.  Our staff is trained and experienced in investigating your insurance options and can help you get the most from your benefits.

Affordable payment options for hearing aids

Regardless of the cost of your hearing aids, there are ways to make hearing aids budget-friendly. Credit card payment is an option to help you pay them off gradually as you are able, but you may also want to consider CareCredit, which is a convenient monthly payment plan you can use to pay for health and medical purchases.

Get the information you need about hearing aid costs

No matter what your budget or situation is, the best place to start when considering hearing aids is with a qualified audiologist. He or she can provide you with personal recommendations based on your unique situation and help you determine the next steps that will get you back to hearing your best.

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