What to Expect from the Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Due to recent advancements in technology, hearing aids have come a long way. With more choices than ever before, it’s a lot easier to find hearing aid solutions that meet your needs. No matter your type of hearing loss and lifestyle, you can find your ideal devices. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}}

Hearing Technology and Moisture: What to Do with Wet Hearing Aids

  You know the scene: someone is walking along the street, then they accidentally dropped their cellphone in a puddle. Or perhaps they were standing poolside, trying to get the perfect selfie. Or maybe they forgot to take their phone out of their pocket before they went wading into the lake. The ending is always the same: the phone doesn’t … Read More

What Bluetooth Hearing Aid Options Are Available?

  In August, Phonak announced its plans to release what it called a “game-changing” Bluetooth hearing aid. The company claims the new device will be able to connect directly to any cell phone or TV. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}} The announcement might have left you wondering just how “game-changing” this development is. Aren’t there already many different Bluetooth models available? Understanding the Bluetooth … Read More

The Rise of Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries and Expectations for ZPower

  In September 2017, hearing aid manufacturer Widex announced its upcoming Beyond Z model. The model continues to do all the impressive things the Beyond model does, with one major change. This device runs on ZPower, the highest energy rechargeable microbattery available. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}} A Charged Problem Those who have been using hearing aids for some time already know the struggle … Read More

Do You Know about the Latest Technology in Hearing Aids?

  Technology moves by leaps and bounds. Just look at the world around you: Smartphone technology is evolving. Artificial intelligence is now enabling machines to perform increasingly complex tasks.  {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}} You might wonder what other technologies have been evolving. Hearing aid technology is probably one area you didn’t think about immediately. The latest technology in hearing aids keeps improving people’s … Read More

Need an Upgrade? Top 5 Trends in Hearing Aid Technology

  When it comes to technology, it seems there’s always something new on the market designed to make your life better and easier. If you consider yourself technologically savvy and you’ve been putting off upgrading your hearing aid technology, you’ll want to reconsider where your money goes.

Improve Your Life (& Ears!) with the Latest Technology in Hearing Aids

  New technologies are continually improving the quality of sound hearing aids deliver, along with ease of use and wearability. If you’re already using hearing aids, you already know exactly how much they can improve your quality of life. It might be time for an upgrade, though—check out what the latest technology in hearing aids can do for you.