Is Your Hearing Quietly Slipping Away?

It’s almost spring. You used to love the sound of the robins singing, the wind gently whistling through the trees, and the crunch of the gravel under your feet during a walk. But gradually, those sounds have slipped away from you—not all at once. It’s been a barely perceptible change. But when someone recently commented on the birds singing, you … Read More

It’s a New Year. Is it Time for New Hearing Aids?

As we ring in 2024, after attending holiday gatherings, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is, “Am I hearing as well as I could be?” To answer that question, start with a comprehensive hearing evaluation performed by a doctoral-level audiologist. A hearing evaluation should include a thorough discussion of your symptoms, medical history, medication review and any … Read More

10 Signs of Hearing Loss You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hearing loss can happen suddenly, in one ear or both. But in most cases, it’s just the opposite. Hearing loss is so gradual that many people don’t notice it until it’s reached the point where it’s tough to ignore. In fact, statistics show the average person waits seven years before seeking help with hearing loss, but treatment can be more … Read More

Can You Hear Spring?

Can you hear spring? Birds singing, rain falling and the wind rustling the new leaves on the trees… If you can’t hear those sounds, you may have hearing loss, and that means you’re missing out on the sounds of spring. But how do you know if you’re missing out? After all, the last time you had your hearing checked might … Read More

Real Ear Measurement: What Is It? What You Need To Know.

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Why do individuals purchase state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, only to end up not wearing their new hearing aids and leaving them in the nightstand drawer? It may be because the hearing aids weren’t correctly fit and programmed for the individual. Hearing aids come preset to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some audiologists simply take the hearing aids out of the box, put … Read More

Start the New Year Off Right with a Hearing Evaluation

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With the holidays behind us, did you notice you had more problems than usual hearing friends and family, especially on Zoom or conference calls?  Or have you had trouble hearing the television and you’ve found the volume creeping up? Has it been more difficult to hear or understand others when they are wearing masks? If so, you might want to … Read More

Why You Should Check Your Hearing

hearing tests can determine whether you have hearing loss

When was the last time you had your hearing checked? If the answer is “Never,” you’re long overdue.  Actually, newborns are now checked for hearing loss while in the hospital, and many children have a basic hearing screening when starting school, or perhaps throughout their school years. But once we reach adulthood, we often forget about our ears and ignore … Read More

Hearing Aid Experts

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Determining the best hearing aid technology for each individual patient is a complex process which takes the patient’s comprehensive hearing evaluation, health history, lifestyle, personal listening needs and budget into consideration.

How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss?

  The holidays are over and the company has gone home. But did your interactions at family gatherings leave you wondering if you might have hearing loss? If so, you aren’t alone. The holidays and social gatherings are often when many people notice the first signs of hearing loss.