Why Do People Avoid Wearing Hearing Aids?

It’s a proven fact that hearing aids work, and today’s hearing aids work better than ever thanks to advanced digital technology and features such as artificial intelligence, directional microphones and rechargeable batteries. So what’s stopping millions of Americans from wearing hearing aids? The average person waits five to seven years before seeking help. Is it the stigma associated with hearing … Read More

Three Ways Hearing Loss Impacts Your Daily Life

group of adults living with hearing loss

The effects of hearing loss Your hearing plays a major role in everything you do: your job, your personal life, and even your physical health and safety. Many people assume that “a little hearing loss” isn’t a problem, or that they can simply “get by” by asking people to repeat themselves or being unable to hear in daily situations. Unfortunately, … Read More

Why It’s a Good Idea to Treat Hearing Loss Early

family enjoying a meal at a restaurant

When you go to dinner in a busy restaurant, do you have problems hearing your conversation partner? Are you turning the volume up on your television or radio louder and louder? Do you struggle to hear on the phone? These all are common symptoms of hearing loss. It’s a widely recognized fact that individuals with hearing loss often don’t or … Read More

Address Your Hearing Loss with Style

Hearing aid styles and technology can be confusing, even if you have been wearing hearing aids for years. Please keep in mind that our job as doctoral-level audiologists is to guide you through this selection process, so be sure to ask questions and take notes as you weigh your options. Hearing aids are an important investment in your health and … Read More