Who You Should See for Your Hearing and Why

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, a great time to learn more about the hearing professionals you should see if you suspect you’re having problems hearing. Here’s the rundown on the importance of each professional, and how they help you hear your best.

Hear Better on a Budget

  Because hearing loss impacts more than 48 million Americans, hearing aid cost poses a potential barrier to care for some patients. On the other hand, numerous studies have confirmed the connection between untreated hearing loss and increased risk for cognitive decline, memory loss, falls, depression, anxiety and social isolation. So while you might wonder if you can afford hearing … Read More

How hearing aids can help you

Hearing aids are effective, life-changing tools that have helped millions of people with hearing loss start hearing their best again. Unfortunately, many people delay or avoid getting hearing aids because they think their hearing loss isn’t that bad or don’t want to “feel old.”

Tips for talking to your spouse about his hearing loss

Hearing loss can be a complicated medical problem that extends far beyond just one person’s hearing. When someone is affected by hearing loss, many aspects of their lives, such as psychological health and social interactions, are often deeply impacted as well.