Hearing Help: When to Test Your Hearing


Hearing Help- When to Test Your Hearing.jpgHave you been wondering about your hearing? Perhaps you’ve noticed you need to turn the television up a little louder than you used to. Maybe you’ve been having a harder time hearing when you go out to dinner with friends. Maybe one of your friends needs a hearing aid, and you’re wondering about yourself.

Or maybe you’re just wondering if your hearing really is as good as it used to be. Your hearing will change as you age, so perhaps it’s time to take a test.

If you’ve been pondering any of these things, you may be wondering when you should get your hearing tested. There are a few good signs it’s time to test your hearing.

Noticing Differences

Changes in hearing are often imperceptible at first, so by the time you’ve noticed a change, you’ve likely suffered some hearing loss. Nonetheless, once you’ve noticed the difference, you should book an appointment with an audiologist to get your hearing tested.

Why? Your hearing has likely already changed, and you may need support. Waiting will likely only delay the inevitable—and it may prevent you from fully participating in activities you enjoy. Instead, get your hearing tested today so you can continue hearing your best.

Ringing in Your Ears

One of the first signs of hearing loss actually isn’t the need to ask people to repeat themselves more or increasing the volume on the TV or radio. It’s that annoying ringing in your ears—tinnitus.

While many different things can cause tinnitus, it’s often part of hearing loss; those with tinnitus often already have hearing loss to some extent or another. If you’re experiencing tinnitus, it’s time to test your hearing.

A Loud Lifestyle

People at risk for hearing loss often subject themselves to loud environments. In some cases, hearing loss might be an occupational hazard. If you work in a loud factory or another place with a lot of noise, you could be at risk for hearing loss. If this sounds like you, then you should consider testing your hearing on a more regular basis. You should also take more precautions to help you protect and preserve your hearing longer. A doctoral-level audiologist can help you.

Other “loud” hazards might include going to concerts. If you’re someone who enjoys rocking out in an arena filled with fans of your favorite band, you could be at a higher risk of hearing loss, and should probably test your hearing more frequently. You should also take precautions to protect your hearing in these situations.


As people get older, they tend to lose their hearing. Some people will suffer from extensive hearing loss, while others will have only mild hearing loss. Nonetheless, age is a factor, and as you grow older, you should consider testing your hearing on a more regular basis.

You may not think you need to test your hearing very often, especially if you aren’t exposed to risk factors such as a working in a loud environment or going to concerts, but it’s a good idea to test your hearing nonetheless.  Many recommend a baseline at age 50 and regular monitoring every two-three years after that.

You’re Concerned

Some people may simply be concerned about their hearing, no matter their age, their lifestyle, or whether or not they notice differences in their hearing. Testing your hearing can put your mind at ease, so it’s really never a bad idea to get your hearing tested.

While you probably don’t need to run to the audiologist’s office every time you wonder if you’re hearing your very best, an annual hearing test is a good idea, since it can tell you how well you are hearing and what steps you can take to protect it. Take the first step in protecting your hearing by booking an appointment with a doctoral-level audiologist today.