How Are The Latest Hearing Aids Better?

How Are The Latest Hearing Aids Better.jpgAs digital technology has matured at a rapid rate over the last decade, so too has hearing aid technology. There is no doubt that today’s hearing aids are better than their older counterparts. In fact, we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in hearing aid technology.

Here are some of the reasons why the latest hearing aids are better.

You can focus on more important speech

The latest hearing aidsfeature digital noise reduction, impulse noise reduction, and adaptive directional microphones to help you focus on important speech.

The digital noise reduction feature effectively analyzes incoming sounds in order to filter out speech from unwanted noise. It can control background noise when unwanted sounds are detected. Digital noise reduction can reduce listening effort, improve the understanding of speech, and improve recall.

Impulse noise reduction is similar; it identifies ad helps soften shorter transient noises in order to improve listening comfort for the user.

In addition, today’s hearing devices use adaptive directional microphones to allow wearers to better focus on the speech aroundthem by automatically adjusting the direction of the microphone to the more important sounds of speech. The non-speech around the wearer are made softer or better controlled.

You can connect to other devices

Many of today’s hearing aids are now equipped with Bluetooth and other connectivity options. This enables you to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to outside devices, such as a laptop, MP3 player, smartphone, TV, or stereo.

Wearers can listen to their favorite music or TV shows without disturbing those around them, and they can talk on the phone without having to hold the receiver, allowing for ease of listening.

Some hearing aids can now also be connected to smartphones, allowing users to easily adjust their controls and volume levels right on their phones.

They’re more durable

Case materials and designs today have improved considerably, allowing hearing aids to be more durable against dirt and moisture. Some cases are also more shock-resistant, reducing the need for repairs from daily wear and tear.

There are more options available

Today, people with hearing loss have more options than ever before. Hearing aids now come in a wide variety of different colors in order to better match hair and skin color. Furthermore, some hearing aids now fit directly in the ear canal, allowing the device to be completely invisible. Wearers can also accessorize their hearing aids in order to turn them into fashion statements.

There’s greater customization

Because the latest hearing aids use digital processors, customization is greater than ever before. These processors have a greater number of features and channels that can be programmed to fine tune amplification characteristics. When it comes to programming signal processing and frequency responses, wearers now have improved flexibility and customization options. 

To learn what hearing solution is right for you, request a consultation with a doctoral-level audiologist at Associated Audiologists. Based on your type and degree of hearing loss, your budget, and your daily communication needs, we’ll offer expert recommendations for hearing solutions that best meet your needs.