How Can I Make Sure I’m Using the Best Hearing Aid Batteries?


Choosing a hearing aid is a difficult task for many people. After all, there are many different makes and models, and seemingly all of them have different features. 

Perhaps an overlooked but important task is choosing a hearing aid battery. There are many options, and some are better choices than others. Of course, you want to be sure you’re selecting the best hearing aid batteries possible.

Why the Best?

If you use a hearing aid, you probably already know the answer to why you want and need the best hearing aid batteries: You want a long-lasting battery that will power your hearing aid for hours of conversation, living room concerts, and other adventures. 

Just as selecting the right hearing aid is important, choosing the right hearing aid battery will help you know that you’re always hearing your best.

What Is the Best?

While there are plenty of options on the market when it comes to hearing aid batteries, some stand head and shoulders above the others. One of the best names to consider is PowerOne. These professional batteries have been tested and proven time and time again, both in the lab and by hearingaid users.

A Reliable Battery

First and foremost, PowerOne batteries have long shelflives. Every cell has a film seal, which prevents the battery from drying out or draining prematurely. These seals hold up even under extreme weather conditions, so you know your spares will not drain, even if you do take them out in a storm. The stainless steel housing protects the battery against corrosion. 

Patented cathode technology ensures PowerOne hearing aid batteries have high cell voltage. That means the batteries can promise you the best sound for longer; you don’t need to worry about changing these batteries as often as others.

100% Testing

PowerOne specialists test each and every battery produced. That is how they’re able to guarantee that every battery lives up to itsspecifications. That means you’re less likely to get a “dud” and more likely to be able to use your hearing aid batteries longer.

The batteries also use a system of low internal resistance to enable fast activation. Simply remove the tab, and within 45-60 seconds, your batteries will be ready to use. You can start hearing better sooner.

The Complete Line Up

PowerOne isn’t just one great battery; it’s a whole series of great batteries. The company offers batteries in a number of different sizes, which means they probably have one that will fit your hearing aid. Its implant battery is perhaps the strongest implant battery available, and it is recommended by the market leader for hearing implants.

The line also includes chargers and accessories for ensuring your batteries are always working their best, so you can be sure you’re hearing your absolute best.

A Green Option

PowerOne now offers Zinc Air One batteries and its implant batteries in mercury-free versions. Some batteries still contain mercury, a heavy metal that can be toxic in high doses. Mercury is also bad for the environment, which makes PowerOne batteries an environmentally friendly choice too.  In the United States, batteries with mercury were recently banned.

What about Price?

Hearing aid batteries are not always inexpensive, which is another reason you want to pick a battery that will have a long life. Very few batteries are rechargeable. When the battery dies, you need to replace it with a new one. Similarly, you will want to have spare batteries on hand—and if you know your battery dies frequently, you will want to keep more spares around. 

You can talk to your audiologist about hearing aid batteries. Your audiologist will recommend a battery that is longlasting and powerful and will know which batteries perform best for your hearing aid. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best hearing aid batteries to help you hear your best.