Musicians' products

Custom-fit in-ear monitors provide excellent sound quality while protecting your hearing. They can be used as on-stage monitors for performers, allowing musicians to clearly and safely hear their performance while reducing the harmful levels of loud external noise. Music lovers often prefer custom in-ear monitors for use with personal listening devices such as MP3 players. They offer brilliant sound quality built into a comfortable fitting earpiece. They can also be fit with a talk-back microphone for use in motorsports.

The product descriptions below are for your information only. Musicians’ products should not be purchased over the internet. If you are interested in purchasing custom musicians’ products, please schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists for a personal consultation and custom ear impressions.

Hearing protection for musicians’ products is available in many styles, including:

AC musician hearing protection

AC Series

Custom-fit in-ear monitors that provide great quality and value. Single or dual drivers are built into a solid, clear acrylic shell.
Prices start at $299 per pair

CR1 musician hearing protection


Custom-fit single driver monitor that makes a great upgrade from stock stereo earbuds.
$299 per pair

custom sleeve musician hearing protection

Custom Sleeves

Available for your existing monitors or earbuds. Using your custom impression, they can build a cover that houses your current electronics in a custom shell for improved comfort and sound quality.
Prices start at $126 per pair

elite musician hearing protection

Elite Series

Premium in-ear monitors for professional musicians. The unique body-heat-activated canal provides the most accurate fit and ultimate comfort. Available from single up to five drivers with dual sound bores, with a replaceable cable. Available in a wide range of colors and custom artwork.
Prices start at $375 per pair

musician hearing protection

Musicians’ Earplugs

A must for regular concertgoers. These unique custom-fit earplugs come with your choice of 9, 15 or 25 dB attenuation, all with a flat response, providing excellent sound clarity at reduced levels.
$170 per pair

musician in ear monitor

Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors

Custom-fit monitors that provide protection from loud music, while still allowing musicians to hear their performance clearly and comfortably.
Prices start at $289

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