Burton Gordon


Hearing Aid Patient

Hearing technology keeps Burton Gordon connected to life

Burton Gordon knows how difficult it is to live with a profound hearing loss. The resident of Aberdeen Village in Olathe, Kan., began experiencing problems with his hearing while still in grade school.

“I had a terrible ear infection in my right ear that just never cleared up,” Gordon says. He struggled with the infection as a young adult and was even declared ineligible for military service because of the hearing loss. Still, he has never let it keep him from living life to its fullest.

“My career in management took me from Juneau, Alaska, to Washington, D.C., to New Delhi, India,” Gordon says proudly. No matter where he was, Gordon dealt well with his hearing loss for many years. Eventually he developed Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that causes recurrent episodes of severe vertigo.

Surgical and medical treatment helped Gordon cope with the Meniere’s disease. To address his hearing loss, his doctors recommended he see an audiologist. Gordon has replaced his hearing aids several times since retiring in 1988 and each one has been an improvement. “I have been very fortunate. As my hearing loss has gotten worse, the technology has gotten better.”

Associated Audiologists has been assisting Gordon for several years with his hearing healthcare needs and fit him with his current hearing aids. He is taking advantage of the full range of technology available now to talk on the phone, listen to the television or computer, and enjoy his everyday activities. That includes socializing with friends at Aberdeen Village, playing bridge and delivering packages to residents. Gordon even uses a special wireless device that communicates with his hearing aid and cell phone to help him hear conversations with family. “You know, it’s an awful thing to lose your hearing,” Gordon admits. “But with the help of Associated Audiologists and the technology we have today, I am living a normal life.”