Danny Zeck


Owner, Zeck Ford, Leavenworth, Kan., and Hearing Aid Patient

Associated Audiologists helps Danny Zeck hear his best

For Danny Zeck, of Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, Kan., years of exposure to loud music, power tools, lawn mowers and chainsaws took a toll on his hearing.

“My wife noticed I had been having problems hearing, especially these past couple of years,” Zeck says. “I especially had trouble hearing certain tones. When I was in a conversation with someone, I would smile and often respond to what I thought I had heard, but sometimes it wasn’t the appropriate response. That’s why she encouraged me to get my hearing checked.”

Zeck scheduled an appointment at the Leavenworth clinic of Associated Audiologists. The diagnostic hearing evaluation his audiologist performed determined that he had a fairly significant hearing loss.

“All those years, I had not worn any hearing protection,” Zeck admits. “I think that contributed to my hearing loss.”

To help Zeck hear his best, his audiologist recommended and fit two state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. “I really enjoyed my experience with Associated Audiologists,” Zeck says. “My audiologist was very professional. As a business person, I appreciated her approach. She analyzed my hearing loss and told me what I needed to know to make the choice that’s right for me.”

Zeck also appreciated his audiologist’s willingness to work with him as a partner in his hearing health. “It took a few visits to get my hearing aids adjusted,” Zeck says. “My audiologist was always very patient, helpful and professional.”

Today, Zeck says he can hear everything from the birds singing to the voices of his grandchildren. “I have missed out on a lot. I just hear everything better now,” Zeck says. “Until you have hearing aids, you don’t realize how much you need them. Then, when you put those hearing aids in, you’re like ‘Wow!’”