John Hunkeler


M.D., Ophthalmologist and Hearing Aid Patient

Trust your hearing to Associated Audiologists. John Hunkeler did.

When John Hunkeler, M.D., an ophthalmologist and one of Kansas City’s top eye surgeons, needed hearing aids, he turned to Associated Audiologists for help. Exposure to significant noise often results in hearing loss and appears to have contributed to Dr. Hunkeler’s hearing loss.

“My hearing loss started years ago when I served as a flight surgeon at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Vietnam, and I was around planes a lot,” Dr. Hunkeler explains. Over the years, his hearing acuity gradually worsened, but the changes were subtle and easy to ignore. “I knew I was missing out on bits and pieces of conversations, and my wife complained that I turned the volume on the television up too loud. But I was basically too stubborn to do anything about it.”

Then, during a routine physical, Dr. Hunkeler’s physician recommended he have his hearing checked. A diagnostic hearing evaluation determined that Dr. Hunkeler had a hearing loss in both ears. After considering listening needs and available technology, he was fit with two state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. Now Dr. Hunkeler says he enjoys sounds he had long forgotten.

“I’m much more aware of the volume of my own voice and don’t have to speak as loudly with my patients, family, or friends. My wife asks me to turn the television up instead of down, and I can even hear the birds singing.”

Professional associates and friends also have noticed a huge difference for Dr. Hunkeler since he started wearing hearing aids. “They have commented that I was missing out on things, and that now I am able to hear much better. They don’t have to repeat themselves,” Dr. Hunkeler explains. As a physician known for adhering to the highest quality standards, Dr. Hunkeler says he received excellent care from Associated Audiologists and is very happy with his results. “I should have done this a long time ago,” he admits. “Hearing aids have made a big difference in my life.”