Max Urick


Hearing Aid Patient and Former Kansas State Athletic Director

Associated Audiologists helps former KSU athletic director hear his best

When 75-year-old Max Urick began to experience hearing loss a few years ago, his first response was like millions of others — he ignored it.

“I think it’s only natural to deny you have a problem hearing clearly,” the former Kansas State University athletic director says. “Eventually, I grew weary of asking people to repeat themselves, but what really motivated me to get help was that I was having trouble hearing my wife and my grandchildren clearly,” he says.

When Urick decided he needed to have his hearing checked, he visited several audiology practices in the Manhattan area. “I don’t mind telling you that I shopped around,” he says. “The results of the hearing tests were consistent and indicated that I was having trouble with high-frequency sounds, especially women’s and children’s voices.”

In fact, Urick had three clearly defined goals as he searched for an audiologist and hearing aid technology. “First, I wanted to be able to hear clearly,” he says. “Second, I didn’t want to be aware that I was wearing hearing aids. And third, I wanted to be able to honestly say that the hearing aids I selected really helped me,” he says.

After undergoing a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, Urick was fit with two tiny behind-the-ear digital hearing aids packed with the latest technology. “Wearing hearing aids does take some getting used to,” Urick says. “But Associated Audiologists has provided me with excellent testing and follow-up services to adjust my hearing aids to my needs.”

Urick’s audiologist even encouraged him to include his wife, Lynn, in the hearing aid selection process. “She’s the person I communicate with the most, so it was important to pick the technology that helped me hear her voice more clearly.”

Today, Urick is enjoying everything from the sounds of his grandchildren’s voices, to the cheers at K-State athletic events.

“I wanted to regain as much of my hearing as I possibly could,” Urick says. “My experience with Associated Audiologists has been life-changing. I’m glad I found them!”