Tips for talking to your spouse about his hearing loss

spouse hearing lossHearing loss can be a complicated medical problem that extends far beyond just one person’s hearing. When someone is affected by hearing loss, many aspects of their lives, such as psychological health and social interactions, are often deeply impacted as well.

Your spouse’s hearing loss is a medical issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Contact our doctoral-level audiologists today!

No one knows this better than the spouses of those with hearing loss. If your spouse is losing his or her hearing, you may be able to talk about how this affects both of your lives and encourage him or her to get the help and treatment needed. This will help your spouse lead a fuller, healthier life and will reduce potential strain and stress in your relationship.

To get the conversation started, you may wish to bring up these points.

Hearing loss affects friends and family members.

Every day, we talk with those we care about. From small talk about the weather to crucial, life-changing discussions, we rely upon our loved ones to listen when we want to be heard. But if your spouse can’t hear properly, he or she may be missing out on life’s important conversations. The precious words of a grandchild, the punchline of your son’s jokes, and meaningful chats with one another are just some of the things your spouse should be hearing each day.

Tell your spouse you care, and you want him or her to enjoy life to the fullest. Getting treatment for hearing loss can improve your marriage, too.

Denying hearing loss makes communication difficult and can strain relationships.

If your spouse is frequently asking someone to repeat themselves, getting frustrated and walking away when someone is talking, or appears to be not paying attention when someone is talking, others will notice. They may start avoiding conversations with him or her or mistakenly think he or she doesn’t care about what they have to say.

Today’s hearing aids are discreet – but hearing loss is often very obvious.

Many people feel embarrassed to wear a hearing aid, thinking it makes them look old or that others will easily spot it. But today’s hearing aids are comfortable and barely noticeable. Most people won’t ever notice it.

Hearing loss, on the other hand, becomes obvious to everyone around us very quickly. Someone who asks others to speak louder, slow down, or who can’t follow conversations will stand out. Others may avoid talking to them because they don’t want to shout or have to explain things repeatedly to get their point across.

Hearing aids can be financed through payment plans – and you can’t put a price on good hearing.

If your spouse is concerned about the price of a hearing aid, ask what hearing is really worth. This is not a luxury item; it’s a medical device that could improve social, psychological, and even physical well-being. The improvements in quality of life could quickly outweigh any financial aspects.

If your loved one is struggling with hearing loss, we can help. The doctorate-level audiologists at Associated Audiologists are trained to treat many types of hearing loss. Request an appointment today!