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Associated Audiologists is the leader in audiologic care for hearing, tinnitus, and balance disorders in the Kansas City area.

Owned and operated by Tim Steele, Ph.D., President and CEO, the practice was established nearly 40 years ago.

Today, Associated Audiologists has grown to include more doctoral-level audiologists than any other practice in the Kansas City metro, and eight convenient locations with an expert team of audiology professionals ready to serve you.

Seeing one of our audiologists ensures you receive professional, personalized care tailored to your specific hearing needs, improving your hearing and overall quality of life.

So whether you're experiencing hearing loss, have a ringing in your ears, need hearing aids, or anything in between, Associated Audiologists is the trusted choice for those seeking expert hearing healthcare services in the Kansas City area.

Mitch Holthus

“Dr. Steele used his science to pinpoint my exact hearing loss. He was so empathetic, so thorough. He treats each person as an individual. Your situation is different from mine, but he can help us both.”

Kansas City Chiefs Broadcaster and Hearing Aid Patient

Steve Crusinberry

A shooting accident triggered bothersome tinnitus for 59-year-old Steve Crusinberry. Associated Audiologists helped Steve learn to manage his tinnitus using ear-level sound generators, daily meditation, journaling and concentration exercises. Now he’s “Steve 2.0” and living his best life!

Tinnitus Patient

Real Patient Reviews

“The practice is adhering to all COVID protocols which I appreciate. The staff are all very nice to work… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- Loretta Nemechek

Real Patient Reviews

“My Dr. referred me to Dr. Smittkamp. She fitted me with hearing aids with the tinnitus technology. It’s still new, but it’s been life altering! It’s working. I’m telling everyone, STOP… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- RM

Real Patient Reviews

“We appreciate Dr. Nissen and our many years as his client. We often say that we are very happy to have been referred to him. We always receive excellent care, and we appreciate Cindy… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- PB

Real Patient Reviews

“Great COVID protocols. I felt safe and secure during my visit. Dr. Hopkins-Williams as always was thorough, professional and… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- Ken Sabatini

Real Patient Reviews

“Dr. York was extremely patient and took the time to listen. My grandpa is hearing so much better… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- Sarah Storm

Randi Cole

“Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy, and don’t wait. Don’t wait!”

2019 Mrs. Kansas United States

Real Patient Reviews

“I was greeted very warmly. The process was smooth. The audiologist was honest with me and I respected that. Great… Read More “Real Patient Reviews”

- Dale L.

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