Debunk the Gunk! How Earwax Can Literally Plug Your Ears Up

If you’re like millions of Baby Boomers, you grew up with this staple on the bathroom counter—cotton swabs. Parents used them to clean your ears as an infant, and as you grew older, taught you that’s the best way to keep your ears clean, too. But is it? Cotton swabs may not be just what the doctor ordered. The first … Read More

Sudden Hearing Loss Not Related to COVID Vaccine

The news is filled with reports of side effects related to the COVID-19 vaccine—everything from the standard side effects you might expect, like a sore arm or fatigue—to rumors that it can make your body magnetic (it can’t by the way). One of the side effects may be related to sudden onset hearing loss/tinnitus, which was reported as the vaccine … Read More

5 Types of Hearing Aids: Addressing Hearing Loss In Style!

To the public, it probably seems that all hearing aids are created equal, but that’s definitely not the case. There are several major hearing aid manufacturers who produce devices with unique qualities to meet specific patient needs. In addition, based on the individual’s hearing loss, there are different hearing aid styles & types that work better in specific situations. And, … Read More

5 Common Hearing Loss Myths

It seems that hearing loss would be a straightforward topic, but it turns out there are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding it. Let’s address a few here based on answers from the Better Hearing Institute at Myth: Hearing loss affects only older adults. FALSE: Hearing loss does not discriminate. About two-thirds of all hearing loss is in people … Read More

Who Has Tinnitus?

With more than 45 million Americans struggling with tinnitus, it’s one of the most common health conditions in the United States, according to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA). In fact, when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control conducted its last National Health and Nutritional Examinations Survey, the CDC included several questions on tinnitus to determine the full scope and severity … Read More

Making Sense of the Latest Legislation

When it comes to hearing healthcare, there’s been little help in the past as far as financial support for those on Medicare, and current legislation limits access to the services provided by audiologists. However, there are several pieces of legislation in the works that could one day change that. Here’s an update. Expanding Medicare to Hearing According to the Academy … Read More

Audiology Awareness Month

If you think you might have a hearing loss, there are lots of ways to find out—from online hearing screenings to free in-person screenings to hearing checks at work. All of these screenings can give you an indication of whether you have a hearing loss, but their limitation is that they are only screenings. They aren’t comprehensive hearing evaluations, and … Read More

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Return to Normal Means Return to Noise There just might be one thing you haven’t missed that much since the pandemic began—noise. Before the nationwide shutdown in March 2020, America was one noisy place, emersed in the constant hum of traffic and machinery 24/7. But when the pandemic hit and everyone was sent home to quarantine, it was surprising how … Read More

On Medicare? Options for Hearing Aids

Recently, President Joe Biden proposed spending $3.5 trillion over the next decade on climate change, health care and family-service programs. Included is that proposal is an expansion to Medicare that would cover hearing care, as well as dental and vision. For millions of Americans, this would be a huge financial relief because original Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for these services. … Read More