Bothersome Tinnitus Associated with Mental Health Problems

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of an external sound source. It can take on any number of characteristics and is usually a sound that only you can hear. You can experience tinnitus that varies from soft to loud and from low to high pitched. People describe their tinnitus in a number of ways, including a buzzing, … Read More

Are Hearing Loss and Physical Functioning Connected?

An article published recently in JAMA Network Open asked an intriguing question that many of us may not have considered when it comes to our hearing: Is hearing impairment associated with poorer physical function, reduced walking endurance, and faster decline in physical function? Most of us wouldn’t think that our ability to hear and our ability to remain physically active … Read More

The Great Debate: Rechargeable vs. Disposable Batteries

It’s only been about four years since the first rechargeable hearing aids hit the market, and since that time, they’ve become increasingly popular with consumers. After all, many people are interested in conserving energy and doing as much as possible to preserve the planet. Rechargeable devices seem “greener” and consumer friendly. But before you jump on the “rechargeable bandwagon,” think … Read More

Do You Suffer from the Cocktail Party Effect?

Over the past year, you’ve probably had little reason to be at events where there are crowds or groups due to the pandemic. But as the economy opens back up and as you go to crowded restaurants or events, you may begin to notice you’re suffering from what’s known as the “cocktail party effect.” That’s when you have a hard … Read More

Protect Your Hearing Aids from Heat and Humidity

What’s one of the biggest enemies of hearing aids? The answer is simple—moisture. Why is that a problem? A hearing aid is a small, digital device that has a shell consisting of a thin, but durable plastic shell. Inside the hearing aid shell is some of the world’s smallest digital equipment. Hearing aids allow sound to be picked up, processed, … Read More

8 Must-Ask Questions about Hearing Aids and Insurance

If you’re confused about whether your insurance plan helps covers the cost of hearing aids, you’re in good company. Many people don’t understand whether their plan offers a benefit for hearing aids, and if it does, how it works. So here are some questions you should be sure to ask or understand: Does my plan have a benefit for hearing … Read More

Why Does My Hearing Aid Whistle? What Can I Do About It?

Whistling, or hearing aid feedback, is a common occurrent for anyone who wears hearing aids. But you’ve probably been asking yourself, “why does my hearing aid whistle and how do I fix it?”. According to Widex, a leading manufacturer in the hearing aid industry, hearing aid feedback occurs when sound that was supposed to go into your ear canal leaves … Read More

Preventing Falls at Home

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 60% of falls in adults over age 65 occur at home and most don’t happen from a height, say a ladder or the stairs. Most happen at ground level. While there are many causes for falls, dizziness and balance problems are more common as adults age. In addition, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, … Read More

Why Do I Need an Audiologist?

If you were having a heart attack, would you try to treat it yourself?  Or would you call 911 and go to a hospital?  If you had a tooth ache, would you grab a pair of pliers and try to pull the tooth out, or would you schedule an appointment with a dentist? Most people would call a health care … Read More

Real Ear Measurement: What Is It? What You Need To Know.

Why do individuals purchase state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, only to end up not wearing their new hearing aids and leaving them in the nightstand drawer? It may be because the hearing aids weren’t correctly fit and programmed for the individual. Hearing aids come preset to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some audiologists simply take the hearing aids out of the box, put … Read More