Don’t Get Soaked this Summer! 9 Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aids Working

Summer is synonymous with sun-filled vacations by the beach, pool or lake. But if you wear hearing aids, heat humidity and water all pose threats to hearing aids. Here are nine tips to help you keep your hearing aids going all summer long! It’s July in the Midwest. Not many places get hotter or more humid during the summer months. … Read More

Video Gaming May be Putting Players at Risk for Hearing Loss

Video gaming is popular the world over, but a recent study shows that gamers may be putting their hearing at risk. Here are some tips to help gamers reduce the risk of hearing loss while enjoying the game. If you play video games, or you have kids or grandkids who do, you may want to listen up! According to a … Read More

Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

The risks of untreated hearing loss go far beyond not being able to hear well. Hearing loss also has been closely associated with depression, dementia, tinnitus, and falling. This blog highlights those connections and explains why it’s so important to have a diagnostic hearing evaluation. Did you know that untreated hearing loss is associated with many other medical, cognitive and … Read More

Tinnitus—Dietary Supplements Don’t Help

Many with tinnitus turn to dietary supplements to help treat the problem. Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill” to treat the condition. Supplements have not been proven effective and in some cases, may not be safe for those taking certain prescription medications or with certain medical conditions. If you have tinnitus, that constant chirping, buzzing, whirring or humming that only … Read More

Best Practices for Charging Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Nearly half of all those who wear prescription hearing aids now wear rechargeables. Here are some tips to be sure they’re always ready when you are, and that they perform as well as possible. The initial investment when choosing rechargeable prescription hearing aids includes the charger and the cost of the first rechargeable battery or batteries. Costs vary by manufacturer, … Read More

Is Smaller Better? Why Smaller Hearing Aids Aren’t Always the Best Solution

When it comes to hearing aids, many people don’t want anyone else to see the devices they’re wearing, and arrive at their first appointment convinced they want completely in-the-canal “invisible” hearing aids. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these tiny devices, and why you should consider all your options. Many people equate smaller prescription hearing aids with being technologically … Read More

Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

We’re exposed to loud noises every day, but when those noises are extremely loud, or we’re exposed to them over and over, they can cause what’s called noise-induced hearing loss. Now a new study sheds light on the role of zinc in NIHL, and possible ways to prevent it. It’s one of the most common causes of hearing loss—exposure to … Read More

How to Get the Most from Your Visit with the Audiologist

A visit to any healthcare provider can sometimes be overwhelming. But if you’re better prepared, you’ll likely get more information from your provider and have a better experience. That’s especially true when your visit is with your audiologist. These tips can help you get the most from your next appointment. If you have an appointment scheduled with your audiologist, it’s … Read More

Travel Tips for Those with Hearing Loss

Will you be traveling this summer by plane? Here are a few tips to ensure you can hear all the important travel instructions at the airport. These tips could help make your trip safer and more enjoyable. Planning a summer getaway? If so, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit or passport behind. But if you have hearing … Read More

New Study Finds People Living in Rural Areas at Greater Risk of Hearing Loss

A new study has identified those who live in rural America at higher risk for hearing loss. Why? Probably because many in these areas work in industries that consistently expose them to loud noises, like agriculture, making prevention the best course of action. A study recently published in the journal Lancet Regional Health-Americas, is one of the first to estimate … Read More