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Ninety million Americans will experience dizziness or balance problems at some time in their lives. Listed below are common complaints or problems reported by patients.

Have You Ever Felt ….

  1. A feeling of motion, spinning, or falling when moving your head quickly, or changing your position, e.g., getting in and out of bed?

  2. Uncomfortable trying to get around in the dark?

  3. Walking down grocery store aisles or through the mall is upsetting?

  4. Your feet just won’t go where you want them to?

  5. A sense of unsteadiness? A feeling you are not surefooted?

  6. A fear of falling or stumbling?

  7. Looking at moving objects such as escalators or looking out the side window of a car makes you queasy?

  8. Difficulty keeping your balance as you walk on different surfaces, e.g., tile to carpet?

  9. A feeling like you are drifting or being pulled to one side when walking?

  10. No one really understands how frustrating all this is?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may have an equilibrium disorder. There are many tests that Associated Audiologists conducts to determine if dizziness and imbalance are due to an equilibrium disorder. The good news is that 90% of the time, these disorders can be successfully managed once they have been properly diagnosed. Schedule an appointment today for a vestibular and equilibrium evaluation with one of our audiologists.