How to tell if your hearing is muffled

Having difficulty hearing can be frustrating and worrisome. Straining to hear important conversations, constantly asking your loved ones to speak up, or simply pretending that you can hear everything isn’t a way to fully enjoy your life. Feeling as if your ears are filled with cotton is irritating, too. Hearing difficulties can have significant effects on your daily life. And … Read More

How loud music can harm your hearing

With today’s technology, you can listen to music in various ways. Instead of bothering those around you with your loud music, you can use earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth devices, or earphones plugged into your computer, tablet, smart phone, MP3 player, iPod, or other music players.

3 ways people react to their hearing loss

Hearing loss is a complex issue that can affect a person’s emotions and daily life in a profound way. It’s not only difficult for the person affected, but can be very challenging for family members and friends who don’t understand what the person might be going through.

Breaking down the cost of hearing aids

When a person is considering hearing aids, one of the biggest questions is often about cost. People want to know what their hearing aid will cost, or they may go online or to a big box store looking for the best “deal.”

Signs it’s time to talk to your spouse about hearing aids

Marriage involves a lot of discussions: some easy, some more difficult. If you think your spouse might need to get treated for hearing loss, you may not look forward to discussing it with him or her. After all, they’ll probably tell you he or she can hear just fine and may not think there is a problem.

Get the facts on hearing aids and rechargeable batteries

There are many different styles and types of hearing aids on the market today, and with the help of a skilled audiologist, you can find one that’s perfect for you. You’ll need to get acquainted with your device and how it works, and that includes learning about its battery.

4 reasons to take that hearing test

Like any health issue, hearing loss can be hard to face. Many people deny that they have hearing loss for years, according to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. But avoiding your hearing loss or putting off testing and treatment can harm you socially, mentally, and physically.

Common effects of hearing loss on daily life

Your hearing plays a major role in everything you do: your job, your personal life, and even your physical health and safety. Many people assume that some hearing loss isn’t a problem, or that they can simply “get by” asking people to repeat themselves or being unable to hear in daily situations.

Common myths about noise-induced hearing loss

People are exposed to a variety of noises every day. Power tools, the lawn mower running, and the radio in the car are a few examples of everyday sounds that all have the ability to damage hearing if they’re loud enough or if your exposure is long enough. This is known as noise-induced hearing loss, and it affects millions of … Read More

Degrees of hearing loss vary widely

Have you ever wondered why the hearing aid your spouse or neighbor wears doesn’t work for you too? It’s because hearing loss differs with each individual. It can appear anywhere on a spectrum from mild to severe, and doesn’t always affect both ears or have the same consequences. In short,there’s no one way to experience hearing loss – and there are many effective hearing aids that can … Read More