Understanding the Cost of Hearing Aids

Typically, a patient can expect hearing aids to cost from $675 to $3,200 each, depending on the style and level of technology purchased. Hearing aid costs usually increase with more complex and sophisticated technology.

Discuss your budget and any questions you have about cost with your audiologist. Each individual’s hearing loss presents unique challenges. Take your audiologist’s expertise regarding product quality and follow-up services into consideration when making your purchase decision. We have a wide range of technology available to fit almost any budget. We offer convenient payment plans and accept credit cards.

Medicare and most insurance plans do not provide coverage for the cost of hearing aids. However, Medicare and most insurance plans do pay for the cost of a diagnostic hearing evaluation if ordered by your physician, after any plan deductibles or co-pays have been met. Hearing aids may also qualify as a medical expense with flex spending accounts and on your income taxes. We can provide you with any receipts necessary to document your purchase. Please check with your tax advisor and insurance plan for further information.


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