Natalie Krebs


A Family Affair!

Why the Krebs family depends on Associated Audiologists to hear their best

Doug, Sue, Natalie and Daniel Krebs have been depending on Associated Audiologists for more than 20 years as their hearing specialists.

“Both of our children, Natalie and Daniel, were born with moderate to severe, high-frequency hearing losses,” explains Doug. Natalie, now 28, was diagnosed with a hearing loss when she was almost 3 years old. Daniel, now 25, was diagnosed at 7 months old.

The family was living in Connecticut at the time and both children were fit with hearing aids. But, it wasn’t until Doug’s job moved them to the Kansas City area in 1994 that they found an audiology practice where they felt at home.

“A neighbor referred us to Associated Audiologists,” Sue says. “We noticed a difference in the care the kids received right away. Everyone we came in contact with was so compassionate and very accommodating. Dr. Wise and Dr. Steele always went the extra mile to help our kids.”

Because Natalie was a little older when her hearing loss was diagnosed, Sue says she struggled with developing her communication skills. “One [past] doctor even told us Natalie would never be able to attend public school, but she proved them wrong.”

Daniel found middle school a challenging time to be wearing hearing aids, but a recommendation from Associated Audiologists helped. “That was when my audiologist suggested I switch to in-the-canal hearing aids,” Daniel says. “They are much smaller and less noticeable, making it easier for me to go about my day and focus more on hearing in the classroom.”

And even though Doug’s career took the family from Kansas City to Europe for seven years, they maintained a home here and continued to see Associated Audiologists. “We returned to Kansas City every summer, and when we did, we made sure the kids could get in to see Dr. Wise or Dr. Steele,” Sue says.

When Natalie and Daniel headed off to college, they returned to Associated Audiologists on breaks and during summers for their check-ups and fittings.

“I think the thing that stands out to me about Dr. Steele and Dr. Wise is that they were very honest with our kids about the challenges they would face because of hearing loss, but they also were very encouraging,” Doug adds. Today, both children are college graduates and have successful careers.

Sue’s hearing loss is unique to the family. “My hearing loss is probably the least severe and in the mid-range tones, but it affects my ability to hear speech and communicate,” she says.

Both Doug and Sue wear small behind-the-ear hearing aids, and add that neither of them has a hearing loss comparable to their children’s.

“This experience has given me some appreciation for what our kids have been through all their lives,” Doug says. “Everyone at Associated Audiologists really cares about our family and how they are doing. That level of interaction is rare in today’s world. They’re just remarkable!”

Daniel says the practice has been an important part of his life. “I’ve had a great relationship with Associated Audiologists. They have been incredibly helpful and understanding,” he says. “I’ve grown to appreciate how much Associated Audiologists has done for me over the years.”

“I have seen audiologists in Belgium, California and Boston, but I never felt they measured up to the care I received from Associated Audiologists,” Natalie says. “They are extremely knowledgeable and I trust them. They’re not just a business. They care. They have my best interests at heart.”

Sue agrees and adds, “Our family would have struggled so without them. It’s a great comfort to know Associated Audiologists is here when we need them.”