10 Essential Questions to Ask When Purchasing Hearing Aids


10 Essential Questions to Ask When Purchasing Hearing Aids--.jpgWhen you’re in the market for hearing aids, you have many questions.  Here are 10 you should always ask to be sure you get the best care, service and technology:

10 Important Questions

  1. Are you an audiologist, and what are your qualifications?
  2. How many hearing aid manufacturers do you work with and which ones are they?
  3. What is the assessment period and return policy?
  4. If I am out of town, where else can I have my hearing aids serviced?
  5. Does the hearing aid have universal open software or is it proprietary/locked so it can’t be adjusted by someone else?
  6. How do you handle emergency problems or same-day repairs and do you offer “loaners” if my hearing aids need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair?
  7. How do you check or verify that my hearing aids are working as prescribed?
  8. Do you accept insurance benefits, and will you check my coverage for me?
  9. Do you offer financing options?
  10. Will you provide me with a price quote, and does that quote include adjustments and follow-up appointments?

What We Offer

At Associated Audiologists, we’re happy to answer all your questions. We have the largest staff of doctoral-level audiologists in the Midwest. We not only diagnose and treat hearing loss, we also have specialists in tinnitus and dizziness/balance disorders. All our audiologists are fellows of the American Academy of Audiology.

Associated Audiologists also offers the widest selection of hearing aid technology from the world’s most respected hearing aid manufacturers. These choices are important because different manufacturers may have features more suited to one person than another, and by working with well-respected manufacturers, you can have your hearing aids serviced almost anywhere.

Educate Yourself with the Help of the Pros

Beware of providers or franchises that only offer one brand of hearing aid.  Also, be educated about non-name brand technology or company-branded technology that may not be serviced if the corporate contract is not renewed with the retail outlet or big-box store.

And finally, our practice is independent and locally owned. We work with most health insurances, honor most hearing aid benefits, and perform important procedures such as wax removal. We also offer a loaner program if your hearing aids need to be sent for manufacturer repair, and we offer repair services for urgent problems Monday through Friday.

For more information about Associated Audiologists, visit www.hearingyourbest.com, or call 1-855-547-8745.