3 Benefits of Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aids


3_Benefits_of_Made_for_iPhone_Hearing_Aids--.jpgHearing aid technology has undergone significant advancements, evolving with people’s ever-changing lifestyles. Part of this advancement has included strengthening the relationship between smartphones and hearings aids.

Apple continues to improve its Made for iPhone software and compatibility with many types of aids. Its use isn’t limited to a phone: users can control hearing aids with their tablet and other smartphones, too. Read about the benefits of Made for iPhone hearing aids below.

1. Fewer Devices to Handle

A streamer is a neck-worn device that sends signals from a mobile phone directly to a hearing aid. This additional neck-worn device, although very functional, can be a bit of nuisance. Made for iPhone technologies eliminate the need for this extra device by syncing the aids directly to an iPhone.  Unfortunately, this technology is not available for Android at the present time.

For tech-savvy clients and for clients who prefer fewer pieces equipment to manage, eliminating the need for the streamer will fit your needs. As many people already carry their phones on them all of the time, less equipment to carry is a welcome benefit for many.

2. All-in-One Accessibility

Made for iPhone provides a person with a hearing loss the ability to use an iOS device the same way as a person without a hearing loss, and maybe better, since it allows for binaural listening.

Different accessibility features are readily available in mobile operating systems. Wireless pairing of the iOS device to the phone allows the wearer to change the volume; check battery life; pair and connect audio from an iOS device to an aid; and switch from different audio presets to better pick up sound in pre-designated, specific situations. Made for iPhone even has an easy-to-use feature where the device’s microphone can better pick up the person speaking. All the listener has to do while using the feature is move the phone microphone closer to the speaker.

3. Smarter Technology to Match Your Lifestyle

Technology is getting smarter as developers improve available features and create new ones to meet the many different needs of users.

The ability to switch quickly between environment settings with geotagging and presets improves focus on the best hearing ability rather than finding the best setting. For those who have misplaced their hearing aids within range of Bluetooth, the smartphone application can help locate them. Even if the hearing aid batteries are dead, the phone has stored the last GPS coordinates of where they were last paired with the phone to help locate them.

Some people wait too long before getting hearing aids, making smarter technology a huge benefit for those who might be delaying their decision to invest in hearing technology. The built-in adjustment through the App on a smartphone replaces the need for a separate remote control in most cases. Instead of tapping around on the remote, the option to adjusting settings through an app provides a discreetness that many users enjoy, particularly those who are hesitant to start wearing a hearing aid.

Always keep in mind that you need the technology that’s right for your life. Although Made for iPhone is beneficial for those with iPhones, there are also applications designed that work with Android-based devices. Although they don’t stream phone calls or audio directly, there are remote apps that are compatible for Android devices.  Talk to your professionals at Associated Audiologists today to find out how this technology can work for you.

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