Six Advances in Hearing Aid Technology To Help You Hear Better

bluetooth hearing aids that connect to iphone

Digital technology and the microchip have made it possible to include more options in hearing aids than ever before. But what are the features you should look for if you’re in the market for hearing aids?

1. Hearing Aids That Adjust to Sound around You

The latest hearing aids can automatically detect and shift between programs that help you hear conversations or music better, for example. This can improve your listening experience since you no longer have to guess which program is going to best suit your current circumstances. The fastest hearing aid currently processes 600 million times per second, making adjustments for your hearing, comfort and clarity.

2. Digital Adaptive Directional Microphones in Hearing Aids

Newer digital hearing aids include two microphones, helping detect which direction a sound is coming from. Noises from sources behind you can then be controlled, which helps you hear speech better. Advanced hearing aids are actually equipped with adaptive microphones that follow the source of the sound, allowing you to keep track of conversations even as someone’s voice moves.

3. Wind Noise Reduction

If you spend a lot of time outside, new hearing aid technologies have improved the ability to reduce wind noise, which improves your ability to hear in outdoor conditions or experience more comfortable listening.

4. Hearing Aids That Connect You to Your Devices

Chances are you have a smartphone or another device, such as a tablet or a computer. Hearing aids with bluetooth technology allow you to connect to any device you like, including your TV, your stereo, or your digital tablet.

Developers have also created apps that allow individuals with premium-level hearing aids to connect seamlessly with their smartphones. That means your hearing aid can interact with your mobile phone to help you hear even better, including using your phone like a remote control.

5. Custom Fit for Maximum Comfort

Technological advances are allowing hearing aid manufacturers to focus more and more on comfort. Increasing customization means your audiologist can fit your hearing aids to your unique anatomy, translating to maximum comfort.

6. Cosmetic Advances That Make Your Hearing Aids Invisible

Hearing aids are available to match your skin tone, or stand out from the crowd in bright colors. The options are practically endless, and in many cases, are almost invisible to others.

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