Hear Better with Beyond Hearing Aids

 Beyond Hearing Aids that Connect to iPhone and other Bluetooth Devices

Digital technology continues to advance, making microprocessors smaller and more powerful than ever, including those used in the latest hearing aids from Widex, called BEYOND.

Hear the TV, Music, Even Phone Conversations by Wirelessly Connecting to Other Devices

Many of today’s hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology and other connectivity options. This enables the wearer to wirelessly connect their hearing aids to devices such as a smartphone, laptop, MP3 player, TV or stereo.

Wearers can listen to their favorite music or TV shows without disturbing those around them, and they can talk on the phone, allowing for ease of listening.

Some hearing aids can now be connected directly to your iPhone®. BEYOND is one such hearing aid. It also is designed to work with a range of wireless accessories to enhance the television and telephone listening experience.

Tired of Not Being Able to Hear in a Crowd?

The latest hearing aids feature digital noise reduction, impulse noise reduction, and adaptive directional microphones to help the wearer focus on important speech.

The digital noise reduction feature effectively analyzes incoming sounds in order to highlight speech from unwanted noise. It can control background noise when unwanted sounds are detected. Digital noise reduction can reduce listening effort and help improve the understanding of speech.

Impulse noise reduction is similar; it identifies and helps soften shorter transient noises in order to improve listening comfort for the user.

In addition, today’s hearing devices use adaptive directional microphones to allow wearers to better focus on the speech around them by automatically adjusting the direction of the microphone to the more important sounds of speech. The non-speech sounds around the wearer are better controlled.

BEYOND actually processes 600 million calculations per second, making it the fastest digital hearing aid on the market. This revolutionary technology captures, purifies and processes more sounds in all dynamic listening environments, and it automatically adapts to any listening situation, no matter how complex.

Beyond Hearing Aids Can Be Fine Tuned to Your Hearing

Because the latest hearing aids use digital processors, customization for the individual is greater than ever before. These processors have more features and channels which can be programmed to fine tune amplification characteristics for each individual.

Now Rechargeable—Widex BEYOND Z™–The Best Sounding Rechargeable Hearing Aids

New for 2018, you can experience a full day of superior sound quality and streaming without ever worrying about running out of power. Because of an efficient design, BEYOND Z has the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aid.

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