Plan Your Healthcare Expenses for 2024

It isn’t always possible to plan your health care expenses. After all, life happens and an emergency might cause you to shift your budget from one expense to another. But as we age, we often know there are certain health care expenses that need to be made in a calendar year. For example, you may know you have cataracts and … Read More

Don’t Wait Until End of Year to Get Hearing Checked

The clock is ticking down on 2023, and though there are still a few weeks left on the calendar, if you’re considering having your hearing checked and possibly buying prescription hearing aids soon, you should schedule that appointment now. Why? Because typically, end-of-the-year appointments are hard to come by. Many individuals wait until the last minute to schedule a variety … Read More

Paying for Hearing Aids

With over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids now available to consumers, plus prescription hearing aids, there are more options than ever before for hearing devices. Originally, cost was one of the driving factors in the FDA’s decision to approve OTC hearing aid sales. And while there are some very affordable OTC options, OTC hearing aids aren’t appropriate for everyone. Some individuals need … Read More

Do You Have Insurance to Help Pay for Hearing Aids?

Health insurance and hearing aids are complicated topics, and just because you have medical insurance doesn’t mean you have a benefit that helps pay for hearing aids. Some insurance companies cover the cost of prescription hearing aids, some provide a limited benefit, and some provide none. It’s always best to check your benefits with your audiologist so you know exactly … Read More

Time is Running Out to Use Your Health Insurance Benefits

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only around 25% of adults in the United States who need hearing aids have them. The foundation adds that while most private insurance plans pay for a hearing test, they don’t typically help with the cost of hearing aids. The few plans that do may only provide $500 to $1,000 every two to five … Read More

Making Sense of the Latest Legislation

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When it comes to hearing healthcare, there’s been little help in the past as far as financial support for those on Medicare, and current legislation limits access to the services provided by audiologists. However, there are several pieces of legislation in the works that could one day change that. Here’s an update. Expanding Medicare to Hearing According to the Academy … Read More

On Medicare? Options for Hearing Aids

Recently, President Joe Biden proposed spending $3.5 trillion over the next decade on climate change, health care and family-service programs. Included is that proposal is an expansion to Medicare that would cover hearing care, as well as dental and vision. For millions of Americans, this would be a huge financial relief because original Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for these services. … Read More

8 Must-Ask Questions about Hearing Aids and Insurance

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If you’re confused about whether your insurance plan helps covers the cost of hearing aids, you’re in good company. Many people don’t understand whether their plan offers a benefit for hearing aids, and if it does, how it works. So here are some questions you should be sure to ask or understand: Does my plan have a benefit for hearing … Read More

Hearing Aid Benefits

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Insurance benefits for hearing aids are confusing, to say the least.  Though many people have health insurance plans or Medicare replacement plans that claim to provide an insurance benefit, most of those same people have no idea what that really means. Unfortunately, in this case, you MUST read the fine print in order to understand what your plan covers, if … Read More

Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

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We’re just a couple of months into the new year, so you may not have had the chance to use or check out your insurance benefits, especially as they relate to hearing aids. But if you’re still trying to figure your benefits out, Associated Audiologists has created a special guide to help called “Your Guide to Insurance and Hearing Aids.” … Read More