Protect your hearing

The use of appropriate hearing protection can help reduce the damage caused by exposure to loud sounds. Hearing protection comes in a wide variety of styles ranging from generic over-the-counter earplugs and earmuffs, to custom-fit protection.

The product descriptions below are for your information only. Custom hearing protection should not be purchased over the internet. If you are interested in purchasing custom hearing protection, please schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists for a personal consultation and custom ear impressions.

Custom hearing protection starts at $120 per pair and is available for many purposes and in many styles, including:

Electronic Hunting Protection

Built with an electronic processor to amplify speech and environmental sounds, while compressing to provide protection against loud gun shots. Available with a wide range of features.

Filtered Hunter’s Protection

Best for high-impact, impulse noise such as firearms. The custom filter (non-electronic) compresses the high-impact sound while still allowing you to hear speech and environmental sounds.

Filtered Protection

Provides hearing protection of up to 21 dB while still allowing you to hear conversational speech. Available with a plug to convert to a solid earplug.

Motorsports Protection

Fit comfortably under a helmet, providing protection from wind noise while still allowing you to hear the important sounds around you.

Musicians’ Earplugs

Ideal protection for musicians. The filters provide a flat attenuation to allow you to hear the sound clearly, but at a reduced level.
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Sleep Plugs

Provide a quiet environment for uninterrupted sleep, made in a smaller size to fit comfortably even while lying on your side.

Solid Protection

Best for high-noise environments and provides the maximum protection of up to 29dB.

Water Protection

Available with filters that allow sound to pass through, but not water. A great option for kids who have pressure equalization tubes, but still need to hear their parents while swimming.

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