Hearing Aid Fashion: Look Your Best, Hear Your Best


Hearing Aid Fashion Look Your Best Hear Your Best--.jpgWhat comes to mind when you think of hearing aids? Older hearing aid technology was clunky and did not allow much room for personalization or style. Many people still resist wearing hearing aids because of these outdated models! 


There’s good news, however. Today’s hearing aid technology has enabled the devices to become smaller. They’re less noticeable than ever before. Unless, of course, you want to make a statement.

Hearing Your Best

Hearing aids are meant to help you hear your best. As a result, many manufacturers focused on function over form. It was more important the devices actually help the wearer hear. Fashion was something of an afterthought.

Changing Fashions

The old attitude toward hearing aids—looks don’t matter—has become passé. Instead, manufacturers today are marrying form and function for devices which help people both hear and look their best. 

As technology has advanced, it’s become possible to design better hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are so small they’re hardly noticeable. Many of them are customizable and can be molded to your ear. 

They can also help you express your unique sense of fashion and style. They can become an expression of your personality, just like everything else you wear.

Looking Your Best

As technology has shifted, so have attitudes toward hearing aids and hearing aid wearers. Manufacturers are now more aware of the people who wear hearing aids. Many of them are conscious of fashion! Just as many hearing aid wearers today enjoy active lifestyles, many also want to be sure they look their best.

Today’s hearing aid fashion ranges from choice in color to add-ons, such as bedazzlement, to allow your unique personality to shine. Some people will opt for hearing aids in traditional colors that match their skin tone or hair color. Others, however, are experimenting with a wide variety of shades, multi-tones, and patterns.

Hearing aids are, in many ways, the original wearable tech! Why shouldn’t they look as cool as trendy smartwatches?

Bedazzlement and Jewelry

For those who want a little more pop with their hearing aids, there’s also the option of adding charms to these devices. Charms typically attach to the device and trail over the lobe of the ear, or over the back of the ear. They come in many designs and varieties.

Others might opt to add jewelry to their device. This option can add sparkle to your device. Many of the pieces look somewhat like earrings and other ear jewelry, except they attach to the hearing aid, rather than your ear.

Fashion for a Good Cause

Some hearing aid fashion goes directly to supporting people and groups who raise awareness about hearing loss and hearing disorders. These groups may also offer support services for those who have from hearing loss.

Hearing aid fashion also helps raise awareness of hearing loss and disorders on its own. It makes a statement about you as a person, rather than a medical condition. Visibility is especially important for children who aren’t afraid to announce their hearing aids to their peers.. Fun, fashionable devices can inspire pride for these children.

In short, hearing aid fashion works for a good cause! It helps increase awareness and reduces stigma around hearing loss and disorders. It also makes a statement about you as an individual, allowing people to see past the device and see you instead.

So why settle for hearing your best when you can both hear and look your best? Get started today by booking an appointment with the doctoral-level audiologists at Associated Audiologists.