Hearing aids are a smart investment in your health

cost and value of hearing aidsThere’s no argument that hearing aids can be a big budget item, but when compared to other consumer electronics, they are an important investment proven to impact job performance, quality of life and health. If you have hearing loss, they are something you should not live without. So let’s compare the expense of hearing aids to something most of us think we can’t do without, a smartphone.If you are suffering from hearing loss and need treatment, contact our doctoral-level audiologists today!

The National Institutes of Health reports that only 20 percent of people who could benefit from wearing hearing aids actually use them. On the other hand, according to a Pew Research poll, 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone, also an expensive purchase.

Recently, a friend upgraded to a smartphone that ran $850 to buy outright—that was only the cost of the phone. The data plan she chose is an additional $100 each month. Her total is now $2,050 for the first year she owns the phone.

The second year her plan will cost about $1,200, bringing the total for two years of phone ownership to $3,250. According to consumer research, most Americans keep their phones about two years. Her average daily cost to own the smartphone is $4.45. Plus, at the end of two years, this cycle will likely start over since most smartphone technology changes rapidly.

Now let’s compare the cost of digital hearing aids. According to a study published by Hearing Review, the average price of a mid-level pair of hearing aids is $4,500-$5,000. This cost includes customized fitting, adjustments and check-ups. These devices are programmed and fit to the individual’s unique hearing needs by a doctoral-level audiologist. Some have features that allow you to wirelessly stream sound from your television or enhance speech.

One pair of hearing aids will frequently provide great service for at least five years. Over the course of a five-year time frame, a $5,000 pair of hearing aids will cost about $2.75 a day. This is less than you’d pay for a cup of gourmet coffee, and you’ll be able to hear conversations at home, in restaurants and from your smartphone.

Some individuals with insurance may have coverage to help with the cost, and financing options are available for individuals who qualify.

Are you concerned about hearing loss? Associated Audiologists has doctoral-level audiologists who can help. Request an appointment today to talk about how we can help you prevent future damage and effectively treat noise-induced hearing loss.