How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss?


The holidays are over and the company has gone home. But did your interactions at family gatherings leave you wondering if you might have hearing loss? If so, you aren’t alone. The holidays and social gatherings are often when many people notice the first signs of hearing loss.

5 Signs That You Might Need to Have Your Hearing Checked

1. You Feel Like People Are Always Muttering

hard of hearing & signs of hearing loss

Do you feel like everyone around you is muttering? Are you missing words or even full sentences because you can’t make out every syllable your conversation partner is saying? An early sign of hearing loss is when you have problems distinguishing between consonants, p versus b or t. If this is happening to you more often than in the past and with many different people, it may be a sign of hearing loss.

2. You Turn the Volume on Your TV up Louder Than Usual

Do you turn the volume on your TV up louder and louder, or maybe it’s the radio? Do others walk into the room and ask why the TV is so loud? This is often one of the first things people notice if they are having problems hearing. If the volume on your TV keeps creeping up, or your spouse complains they can hear the TV in the other room, you may want to have your hearing checked.

3. You Can’t Hear with Noise in the Background

Do you find that background noises are always drowning out the important sounds in your life? Or does talking to others in groups or restaurants cause you to strain to hear? Many people have more problems than usual hearing in background noise, which can be an early sign you should get your hearing checked by a professional.

4. You Have Problems Hearing over the Phone

Have you noticed that it’s becoming harder and harder to understand your family and friends on the phone? That may be because you can’t read lips or the visual cues that body language provides. If you keep asking the person you’re talking with to repeat him or herself, that could be a sign you have hearing impairment. You need to get your hearing checked by a doctoral-level audiologist.

5. You Avoid Social Situations

Lots of people actually withdraw from family and social activities as their hearing loss gets worse. This may be because you’re always asking people to repeat themselves, or because you find it hard to follow the conversation if more than one person is talking at a time. Or, it can be embarrassing if you misunderstand someone and respond inappropriately. Get your hearing checked so that you don’t isolate yourself and miss out on favorite activities with family and friends.

If any of these situations seems familiar, you might want to take our quick online hearing test. If you think you have hearing loss, schedule an appointment with one of our doctoral-level audiologists today. Call 1-855-547-8745.