How hearing aids can help you

hearing aids can helpHearing aids are effective, life-changing tools that have helped millions of people with hearing loss start hearing their best again. Unfortunately, many people delay or avoid getting hearing aids because they think their hearing loss isn’t that bad or don’t want to “feel old.”

Hearing aids can change your life in ways you may never have imagined. Contact our doctoral-level audiologists today to learn more.

In reality, today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter, and more effective than ever, and can help people with hearing loss start experiencing their life to the fullest once again. If you’ve been hesitating to talk to someone about getting hearing aids, consider some of the many ways they could help you.

Hearing aids can increase your safety

Perhaps you think you’ll be able to hear the smoke alarm if it goes off. But if you’re in another room and sound asleep, there’s a good chance you won’t hear it right away — and those minutes could be crucial.

Hearing well means you can quickly determine where sounds are coming from, such as an approaching car on the street or a bicycle rider coming up behind you on a sidewalk. When seconds matter and your reaction needs to be fast, you’ll be thankful you have hearing aids to quickly respond to potential dangers.

Hearing aids make communication easier

One of the primary side effects of hearing loss is the lack of effective communication with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Many people with hearing loss struggle to understand voices in crowded or noisy environments, or may ask others to repeat themselves. They may also misunderstand conversations, leading to confusion and frustration.

Hearing aids enable you to be yourself with others again. No more asking people to speak up or missing important details — or having those around you get frustrated when you can’t hear what they’re trying to say.

Hearing aids can enhance productivity

Studies have shown that people who can’t hear well are more likely to have trouble with thinking and remembering. They are also more likely to earn less. Whether you work outside the home or not, the impact of hearing loss on brain function is a potential threat to your well-being and independence.

Hearing aids can help you be your best each day, whether you’re talking to your spouse, in a meeting at work, or having a meaningful conversation with a friend. Hearing aids may help you keep your mind sharp and ready to face whatever comes your way each day.

Hear sounds you’ve been missing

Because hearing loss is gradual, many people don’t realize they are no longer hearing the breeze in the trees, a bird chirping, or the church bells a few blocks away. It’s not until they get the hearing aids fit and verified by a doctoral-level audiologist that they appreciate the many beautiful sounds they’ve been missing for too long.

Are hearing aids right for you?

Hearing aids can give you back the things hearing loss has taken away. Find out more about your hearing aid options by talking with our doctoral-level audiologists at Associated Audiologists. Request an appointment today!