How HyperSound Speakers Will Benefit Those With Hearing Loss


For people with hearing loss, watching television can be a struggle. When you’re having trouble hearing what the characters are saying, you can end up feeling like you’re missing out on important conversations, funny jokes, critical news reports, and interesting story lines.

When watching TV with your loved ones, maxing out the volume just isn’t a possible solution: though you’ll be able to hear everything more clearly, your family members with normal hearing may not appreciate the louder volume.

What can you do? Thankfully, advances in hearing technology can enhance your listening experience and allow you to enjoy watching your favorite TV programs and movies with your loved ones again.

A solution for everyone

There’s a solution that will ensure that you can hear your programs clearly and the rest of your family can hear comfortably, too: the HyperSound Clear Sound System.

When you connect HyperSound speakers to your television, you’ll be able to clearly hear characters speaking like you’re listening to them through your own personal headphones. Your family, however, will only notice a richer, amazing sound.

The HyperSound Clear Sound System leads to a revolutionary way to enjoy television, for those with hearing loss and those with normal hearing alike.

How is this possible?

You might think that it’s impossible to enhance volume for yourself without increasing it for everyone else around you. The HyperSound Clear Sound System works by targeting sound to one specific area in the room. It works in conjunction with your regular sound system. You simply have to sit down in your favorite spot in your living room, and position the speakers to ensure that only your specific spot receives the special audio attention.

Because the speakers will beam television sounds directly to you, your entire family can continue to watch programs at a comfortable listening volume, while sounds become crystal clear only for you. Unless your loved ones steal your favorite seat, they’ll be none the wiser to your audio attention.

You can customize the speakers for your hearing

What’s more, the HyperSound speakers are especially beneficial for those with hearing loss because they can be designed, programmed, and positioned based on your specific type and degree of hearing loss and hearing-need specifications.

A professional installer will initially program the speakers to your unique needs, and then you will be able to operate the system easily through a simple control panel.

How does it work?

These speakers function in a similar way as a flashlight. Rather than sound that is diffused all over the room, as is the case with traditional speakers, the HyperSound speakers focus a narrow beam to one specific area in the room.

Traditional sound systems aren’t always ideal for people with hearing loss because the sound bounces around the room and weakens before reaching your ears. However, because the sound travels through a narrow beam with HyperSound speakers, there are no barriers for it to travel through. Thus, it can reach you in a focused straight line and easily cut through all ambient noise to create crystal clear sound.

With the HyperSound Clear Sound System, you will be able to enjoy movie nights with the family again, without increasing the volume to an uncomfortable level for those around you.

Your hearing loss doesn’t have to affect the time you spend with your loved ones. Want to learn more about HyperSound speakers? Schedule an appointment with Associated Audiologists, one of the exclusive HyperSound dealers in the Kansas-City area.