How Much Will Hearing Aids Cost Me?


How Much Will Hearing Aids Cost Me.jpgOne of the first questions anyone asks when they’re told they need hearing aids is, “How much will they cost?” 

It’s a legitimate concern. Depending upon who you ask, you’ll get a wide variety of estimates, ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Trying to figure out exactly what hearing aids will cost you can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the market. 

So how much will hearing aids cost you?

A Rough Estimate

As mentioned, estimates for hearing aids run the gamut from relatively little to quite a lot. Most estimates suggest a pair of custom-fitted, mid-level hearing aids will run you between $1500 and $2400. 

Of course, there are hearing aid options that cost much less. On average, entry-level hearing aids start at $600-1200 per ear. 

At the other end of the spectrum, top-of-the-line models can cost up to $2500-3450 each.

What about You?

While these rough estimates offer a starting point and show the great diversity among devices, you need to consider the specifics of your situation—more specifically, what you want your hearing aids to do. In order to get an estimate of how much hearing aids will cost you, in particular, you need to begin narrowing the field and prioritizing your goals. 

The cost depends on a number of factors: your type and extent of hearing loss, the supports you need, where you purchase, and even what you want the device to do. For example, a newer model with improved noise cancellation and wireless connectivity, custom-fitted for you by your audiologist, will have a different price than a more generic/off-the-shelf version of hearing aid from a wholesale retail chain.

What Do You Need?

The biggest question is what you need from your hearing aids—what do you need them to do? Many people think of hearing aids as “amplifiers” that simply turn up the volume on everyday life. This isn’t how all hearing aids work.

Some basic models function by turning up the volume and doing little else. But simply making everything louder is rarely the solution when it comes to hearing loss. In fact, amplifying noise can make some situations overwhelming. Think of a busy restaurant, where every conversation, crash, and murmur is ten times louder. You may not be able to focus on what the server is saying or conversation at your table.

Other hearing aids do more than just amplify sound, however; many of them are incredibly sophisticated devices designed to help you recognize speech, control background noise, and focus on what you really want to hear. The supports you need should help you determine which models you want to consider.

The Details

The cost of hearing aids often includes consultation and evaluation, which assesses you for your hearing loss and helps your doctoral-level audiologist make better recommendations about the device you’ll wear.

It also includes custom fitting with verification and on-going follow up including maintenance to help you hear your best.

The Final Bill

Hearing aids can be costly, and most people worry because insurance often doesn’t include coverage for these devices.

Nonetheless, there are programs designed to assist people with the cost of hearing aids who meet certain eligibility requirements. And if you have concerns about your budget, discuss them with a doctoral-level audiologist. While a doctoral-level audiologist wants to ensure you get a device that truly supports you, they also want to help you live your best life, free of worry.

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