Below are some of the most common issues experienced with Slim Tube Open-Fit hearing aids. If you do not see your issue listed, please contact us for assistance.

If you suspect the dome of your hearing aid may be stuck in your ear, please contact our office. An audiologist should be able to see you on the day you call. If this occurs during an evening or weekend, it is not necessary to visit the emergency room unless you are experiencing pain or discomfort. Do not try to remove the dome on your own as it may get pushed deeper into the ear canal. Also do not re-insert the hearing aid until after having your ear examined. It is safe for the dome to remain in your ear until it can be removed in our office.

The material used for the ear tip is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and this material has been tested against EN/ISO 10993 (biological evaluation of medical devices) for Cytotoxicity and is also hypoallergenic.The material has been approved for prolonged skin contact.

Solution 1) Check the battery. Make sure the battery is fully charged after removing the tab, before inserting in the hearing aid.

Solution 2) Check the dome and tube for wax and debris, which may block sound coming from the hearing aid. The tube may be removed and a cleaning “whisker” run through the tube to remove any blockage. (See next four images for removal and cleaning)