Signs it’s time to talk to your spouse about hearing aids

spouse hearing aidsMarriage involves a lot of discussions: some easy, some more difficult. If you think your spouse might need to get treated for hearing loss, you may not look forward to discussing it with him or her. After all, they’ll probably tell you he or she can hear just fine and may not think there is a problem.

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Unfortunately, many people are in denial about their own hearing loss, and it takes the love and care from a family member to convince them to get tested and treated for this common health issue. Consider whether the following signs of untreated hearing loss apply to your spouse:

#1: Communication is difficult, or nearly impossible.

You may have heard it said that communication is the key to a happy marriage. If you’re noticing that your communication with your spouse has gone downhill, it may not be because he or she doesn’t care or doesn’t listen to you. It may be because he or she is suffering from hearing loss.

#2: Constantly asking you to repeat yourself.

It can be exhausting and even annoying when you’re having to repeat yourself frequently, especially with the person you’re closest to. This is a common symptom of hearing loss, and one that a spouse often notices first. Often, the affected person will think the other person is mumbling or speaking too softly, when this is almost always not the case.

#3: You notice that the volume is always turned up really high.

Do you feel like you’re shouting over the volume of the TV or radio? Your spouse may not be doing this just to drown out other sounds: perhaps he or she just can’t hear it.

#4: Your spouse is becoming irritable or unsocial.

Oftentimes, we assume a person’s anti-social behavior is due to factors such as being tired or “not up for it.” But if you’ve noticed your spouse seems more withdrawn or becomes agitated when  with groups of friends or family members, it could be underlying frustration because he or she can’t hear conversations and can’t follow what’s going on.

#5: Your spouse is missing out on a lot of sounds.

A favorite song on the radio, a grandchild’s sweet voice on the phone: these are sounds that can bring joy to your days. But if your spouse can’t hear those things, he or she is really missing out on the beauty in his life. Does your spouse struggle to talk on the phone, or doesn’t seem to notice when a favorite song is playing? Treating hearing loss isn’t about just hearing: it’s about enjoying and cherishing the wonderful things we can hear each day.

If any of these signs are all too familiar in your marriage, it’s time to talk to your spouse about hearing loss treatment. Today’s hearing aids are effective, comfortable, and barely noticeable — and can significantly improve quality of life.

With the right hearing loss treatment, your spouse can get back to feeling like his or her old self again. The doctoral-level professionals at Associated Audiologists are ready to help find a hearing aid that fits your spouse’s preferences and lifestyle. Request an appointment today!