The Link Between Hearing Loss & Cardiovascular Health


The-Link-Between-Hearing-Loss-&-Cardiovascular-Health.jpgThis past February was Heart Health Month. This is the month when we spread awareness about prevention strategies for heart disease and encourage Americans to lead heart-healthy lives. For both men and women, heart disease is the leading cause of death. In order to stay healthy and live a full, long life, you must protect your heart and keep it healthy. Though you might already take your heart health very seriously, you might brush off hearing difficulties as inconsequential.

The truth is, however, that the heart and hearing are connected.

Commonalities between your heart and your ears

The link between heart and hearing health can be seen among these five commonalities.

  1. People with heart disease and those with unaddressed hearing loss are both at a higher risk of developing depression. However, people who wear hearing aids are more likely to feel engaged and optimistic about life.
  2. You’ve heard throughout your entire life how good exercise is for your heart, but did you know that it’s good for your ears, too? One study found that women who exercised were at a reduced risk of developing hearing problems.
  3. Of course, smoking is bad for the heart, but it’s also bad for your ears. Another study shows that smokers, and even passive smokers, are both more likely to develop hearing loss later in life.
  4. A higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids can help lower your risk of heart disease as well as your risk of hearing loss.
  5. It is a well-known fact that obesity leads to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, but this health condition also affects hearing function. Numerous studies have shown a link between a higher BMI and hearing loss in women.

Get your hearing tested

The heart and the ears are connected in some specific and inexplicable ways. During this Heart Health Month, have a comprehensive hearing test performed.

Today’s hearing aids can help you hear better—Although this won’t cure or reduce your risk of heart disease, good lifestyle habits that promote good cardiovascular health are also good for your ears.

Request a consultation with a doctoral-level audiologist at Associated Audiologists and get started on your journey to better hearing and heart health today.