Transform Your Hearing from Ordinary to Extraordinary in 2019

d8Y-s0MCDid you know that if you wear hearing aids you could be streaming conversations with friends and family directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids? And your favorite television programming and music could be delivered directly to your ears hands-free, too? And even better, you could be the only one who could hear all of this? Thanks to the newest digital hearing aid technology, it’s possible to connect to your many electronic devices hands-free and hear better.

3 Awesome Advances in Technology That Help You Hear Better

These 3 technological advances can transform your hearing aids from ordinary to extraordinary:

1. Smartphone Integration No matter what your age, you likely hold one of the most powerful computer processors right in the palm of your hand – your smartphone. Hearing aids such as Widex’s Evoke or Beyond, ReSound’s Quattro or Linx, can connect with your smartphone through an app that works with both iOS and Android-based systems. This puts control over your hearing aids at your fingertips. Thanks to this technology, you can change volume settings in each ear to suit your preferences and your environment. These apps are easy to use and allow you to adjust everything from the microphones’ directionality to specific sound settings to suit any given environment. Some of these hearing aids even learn from your personal preferences over time, improving the ability to automatically adapt to your specific listening situations

Best of all, the sound these hearing aids produce keeps pace with innovation. Some can integrate with other devices and even reduce wind noise annoyance, giving you the best chance to hear with less effort no matter where you are.

2. Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology This technology enables you to wirelessly connect to your many electronic devices hands-free. Cell phones, MP3 players, computers, GPS devices, and FM systems are just a few of the many devices that can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Bluetooth technology has made it possible for a cell phone to ring directly into your hearing aid(s). This allows for convenient hands-free communication, as well as hearing in both ears that provides for a much clearer signal than when using a phone on one ear.

3. Inter-ear Connectivity Our ears are a matched set – for those with normal hearing, they work together to help you process sounds from all directions. Older style hearing aids worked independently, but Bluetooth technology provides for communication and coordination between two hearing aids, mirroring normal hearing. This results in improved speech understanding.

Ask an Audiologist about Technological Advances in Hearing Aids

There are a number of other technological advances in hearing aids that can help you hear better, and many, such as Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, are available in a wide range of costs and styles. In fact, hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth technology are available from a professional audiology practice such as Associated Audiologists and range in cost from $675 to $3,200 per ear. A doctoral-level audiologist can help you determine the best hearing aid technology for your hearing loss, and can make recommendations according to a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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