When Is the Right Time to Talk to Your Doctor about Hearing Loss?


When Is the Right Time to Talk to Your Doctor about Hearing Loss.jpgIt’s never easy to talk about hearing loss. Some people worry they’ve waited too long, or the doctor will deliver news they don’t want to receive. Others wonder if they’re starting the conversation too early.

Yet many people don’t talk to their doctor, choosing instead to ignore the problem. Some people might think they’re not at risk. When should you talk to your doctor?

When You Think You Have It

If you already suspect you’ve lost some of your hearing, then start a conversation with your doctor right away. They can arrange for you to visit a specialist, such as a doctoral-level audiologist. If you’re already seeing an audiologist, they’ll test your hearing.

If you’ve noticed your hearing has changed, chances are you already have a mild to moderate loss of hearing. Most people lose their hearing incrementally, often without noticing because the changes are so small.

If you’ve noticed, then you’ve likely experienced some big changes in your quality of hearing. Talking to your doctor sooner, rather than later, will help you get the assistance you need to hear your very best.

If You’re Concerned

Whether you’re concerned about your own hearing or someone else’s, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. Your medical provider can refer you to an audiologist, who can then discuss your concerns with you.

They can provide information about hearing loss, including what you can do to prevent it. If you already have some degree of loss, they can also provide information and resources for helping you cope. They make recommendations and suggestions about devices such as hearing aids.

If You Want to Protect Yourself

Some people don’t talk to their doctors about their hearing health because it never crosses their minds.

It’s never too early to talk to your doctor about hearing loss, however. Even young people should have this conversation with their medical providers! You may not be able to avoid hearing-related issues, but you can take measures to protect yourself and minimize any loss you might experience.

Protecting your hearing starts when you’re young. If you have children, ask your doctor what you can do to make your kids aware of their hearing health, and how you can protect their ears. However, it’s never too late to start protecting your hearing.

If you like going to rock concerts or you work in a noisy environment, you should also talk to your audiologist about what you can do to minimize your risk in these environments. Switching jobs might not be an option, but you can still take steps to protect yourself. And you don’t need to stop going to those concerts you enjoy just because you’re concerned about your ears. Custom hearing protection is available.

No Such Thing as a Bad Time

In short, there’s really no bad time to start the conversation about hearing health with your doctor. While you may not think you’ve lost your hearing just yet, you can protect yourself and your hearing, as well as the hearing of your loved ones. By starting the conversation sooner, you’ll be able to take protective measures.

Similarly, if you think you may have hearing loss or believe you’re at risk, then there’s no wrong time to start the conversation about hearing health with your doctor. The sooner, the better. You’ll get valuable information and insight, along with the assistance you need to hear your very best.

Protect your hearing and understand your treatment options by booking an appointment with a doctoral-level audiologist today.