Widex Hearing Aids: 5 Amazing Features of Beyond


Trying to select a hearing aid is a tall order for most people. There are so many different manufacturers and so many different models with different features that picking one can be a little overwhelming. How can you be sure you’re getting a model that truly helps you hear your best? 

The first step is having a comprehensive hearing test and consultation with your audiologist. Once you have done that, the audiologist can help you select a model that is right for you. But knowledge is power, so you may want to go in armed with information about several different models. If you are considering a hearing aid, you may want to know more about Widex hearing aids, and more about the Beyond model in particular. Here are just some of the amazing features included in this model.

1. Connect Anywhere, Any Time

The Beyond hearing aid comes with three different connectivity options. The hearing aid can connect directly to Bluetooth devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. It can also connect via T-Coil and use any of Widex’s Dex series devices, which includes telephones, TV connection, and more. Users with these Widex hearing aids have the best connectivity options of any hearing aid user.

2. Crystal-Clear Streaming

Widex hearing aids are known for pushing the envelope of modern hearing technology, and the Beyond model is no exception to that rule. The Beyond model offers users the clearest streaming on the market. Not only are you getting more connectivity options, you are getting the best connectivity—no matter if you are connecting directly to your iPhone or using a T-Coil. 

Widex uses newer technology than competitors to achieve improved sound profiles for their products—you’ll hear better in all conditions, even when you’re streaming.

3. Reduce Noise

Widex hearing aids are innovative. Beyond uses some of Widex’s most innovative technology to give users exceptional performance—no matter where they are. Noise reduction improves soft-level noise perception, and a wind management system helps users adjust their hearing aids to the blustery outdoors. Widex hearing aids also optimize speech understanding—even in noisy environments.

True input technology provides the best and most natural hearing experience for users of the Beyond model, whether they’re sitting in a restaurant enjoying a conversation or hiking up the side of a mountain.

4. Smarter Power Consumption

One of the problems with hearing aids is that it can take a lot to power them. While there is lots you can do to extend the life of your batteries, batteries are still going to need to be replaced every five to eight days on average.

Widex is sensitive to that fact, and the company also knows that streaming uses up battery power like nothing else. That is why the Beyond was designed with power consumption in mind; this hearing aid model has the lowest power consumption of virtually any hearing aid on the market—even when you stream. That means you’re going to get more life out of your batteries and replace them less often, while also knowing that you’re always hearing your very best.

5. Made for iPhone

The Widex Beyond hearing aid is also a Made-for-iPhone model; it integrates seamlessly with any device running Apple’s iOS. It comes with a customizable app that allows users to adjust their settings to their preferences and needs.

The app comes with sound programs users can personalize to their unique situations. That means Beyond adjusts to you, whether you spend a lot of time listening to music, engrossed in conversation, or strolling through one of your area’s many beautiful parks. Beyond is ahead of the game in that it truly adapts to its users to give them the best possible experience.

Schedule an appointment with a doctoral-level audiologist to see if you would benefit from Widex Beyond or the other great technologies available to help overcome hearing loss.