Are Widex Hearing Aids Right for Me?


Are-Widex-Hearing-Aids-Right-for-Me.jpgYou’ve done a lot of research about hearing aids. Perhaps you’re getting your very first device, or maybe you’re hoping to take advantage of the advances that have made hearing aids better than ever. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a hearing aid since there are so many options, features, makes, and models on the market today. 

One manufacturer that has likely stood out to you during your research is Widex, but maybe you’re not sure if its products are right for you. Keep reading for more information that will help you decide what’s right for you.

The Most Up-to-Date Technology

Widex has become a leading name in hearing aids because its products use only the most innovative digital and wireless technologies. One popular product is the Beyond hearing aid, which is specifically made for iPhone and smartphone use and comes with a personalized app to customize your device even more. 

Another model is the Unique hearing aid, which takes advantage of advanced speech processing and automatic environmental adjustment.  In addition, it utilizes new noise reduction technology to help you hear outside, even in bothersomewind conditions. In fact, the Unique model improves speech recognition under these conditions. That’s a huge difference—and it could mean the difference between being part of the conversation and being left on the sidelines.

Better Hearing for Everyone

Widex’s goal is to facilitate better hearing for everyone. Its products use the latest technology as the company seeks to develop hearing aids that create the most true-to-life sounds, allowing people to hear at any range of the sound spectrum, including softer sounds that other hearing aids often don’t pick up. 

The company makes devices to support people with a wide range of hearing-related problems that include tinnitus, among others. The degree of customization available for most products allows the user to adjust their device to their need with ease, which means you’ll get a better hearing experience.

Protect Your Investment

Widex products come with excellent warranties, provided you purchased them through an authorized retailer who performs a face-to-face fitting. Warranties are non-transferable andon-line purchased devices do not come with a warranty.

For those who do get a warranty with their product, they can rest assured that Widex provides a wide array of support to ensure their hearing success. Repairs and service are covered, along with other services.

But Are They Right?

Your hearing is as individual as your fingerprint, which is something that Widex takes into account in the development of its products. The degree of customization available, along with the number of different models to support different types of hearing loss or trouble, means that there is likely a Widex product that is just right for you.

Even if it’s not quite right after the initial professional fitting, the product can be custom adjusted to fit your unique situation and hearing needs. There’s something to be said for a product that adapts to you, and you will hear the difference.

Talk to an Audiologist

If you’re still not convinced Widex hearing aids are right for you, talk to an expert. Doctoral-level audiologists at Associated Audiologists can help you determine if a Widex hearing aid is right for you, which model is best, and can even help fit and customize the device for you. Audiologists will consider your circumstances, such as your type of hearing loss and your budget, in order to determine what brand or model will be the best fit for you.