How Human Hearing Stacks Up in the Animal Kingdom

As humans, we typically think we’re at the top of the charts when compared to other members of the animal kingdom, but when it comes to our ability to hear, there are plenty of animals that have us beat. Just take a look at the hearing of some members of the animal kingdom! Several marine animals rank at the top … Read More

Debunk the Gunk! How Earwax Can Literally Plug Your Ears Up

Man about to clean his ears using Q-tip cotton swab to remove wax from ear

If you’re like millions of Baby Boomers, you grew up with this staple on the bathroom counter—cotton swabs. Parents used them to clean your ears as an infant, and as you grew older, taught you that’s the best way to keep your ears clean, too. But is it? Cotton swabs may not be just what the doctor ordered. The first … Read More

Does Wearing Hearing Aids Reduce Cognitive Decline?

Woman holding SUPER 440 DEX 

Scientists are focused on figuring out how to prevent cognitive decline as we age. Unfortunately, there are still no effective treatments or cures. However, a number of studies have shown a connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. In fact, findings from a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggested that hearing loss may help identify individuals at greater … Read More

Do I Need An Audiologist?

senior patient having hearing exam in special audio room

Being quarantined with close family these past few months has meant trying to communicate effectively, and for many the “togetherness” has highlighted communication challenges, especially hearing loss. Shortcomings you might have ignored before may have become more noticeable than ever, perhaps even annoying. And many people want to do something about it—but who can they turn to? The answer is … Read More

How a Professional Audiology Practice Can Help You Hear Your Best

Though over-the-counter hearing aids are set for availability later in 2020, buying hearing aids without the expert guidance of a doctoral-level audiologist may be risky. In fact, most professional organizations advise consumers to get a comprehensive hearing evaluation from a professional practice before making such a purchase. And while many people may think they are capable of choosing which hearing … Read More

How to Protect Your Hearing

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for hearing loss. Once your hearing is damaged, it’s permanent, and though hearing aids can help you hear again, your hearing will never be the same as it once was. In most cases, hearing loss may occur from years and years of exposure to loud noises, say mowing the yard each week, or from one loud … Read More

Top 6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Hearing Aids

dispenser looking at computer screen in clinic

  Buying hearing aids is a complex process. There are lots and lots of choices to make – from the type of provider you work with, to the specific hearing aid you choose.   Here are the top 6 mistakes patients often make, and how to avoid these pitfalls. 1. Basing Your Decision on Information in a Mailer Health insurance companies, … Read More

Ringing in the 4th of July? Protect Your Ears with These Hearing Tips

  The 4th of July means barbeques, backyard parties, and fireworks. When it’s all said and done, it’s going to be a loud celebration. For anyone with normal hearing or someone who uses aids or other devices, it’s important for you to protect your ears from unnecessary damage. For an enjoyable celebration, keep the following tips in mind.