Hearing Aids with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Other New Technology


wireless hearing aids with bluetooth and wifi technology

Did you know you can take your hearing to the next level using recent advancements in hearing aid technology and by adding assistive listening devices and accessories?  Here are three recent innovations that can improve your performance with hearing aids, and enhance your listening experience.

1. Wireless Connectivity Allows Both Ears to Work Together

Binaural Processing is the term used to describe how  — two normal ears work together. Traditionally, hearing aids functioned independently of one another.

Using advanced wireless antennas and sophisticated signal processing, they can now communicate with one another, providing many of the benefits of hearing with two ears, improving your ability to hear fully, more naturally, and better detecting the environment and speech around you. In many cases these same antennas allow for connection to other devices.

2. Direct Streaming to iPhone

Some premium-level hearing aids feature Made-for-iPhone models. These models allow for Bluetooth integration with any device running Apple’s iOS. This means you can stream your phone calls and music directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids, giving you better sound quality, clarity, and stereo listening.  

This technology also utilizes applications where your Smartphone becomes a sophisticated remote control for your hearing aids. In addition, if you are an Android user, most of these systems have an app that allows the smartphone to be utilized as a hearing aid remote control.

3. Hearing Aid Accessories That Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Premium-level hearing aids, including the Widex Beyond, Widex Unique, Widex Dream and ReSound LINX products,  have exciting technology available to improve your hearing when talking on the phone, listening to the TV or communicating with family and friends in complex environments where there is background noise or you cannot clearly see the speaker’s face. These devices utilize wireless connectivity and Bluetooth accessories to improve the listening experience.

Three innovative accessories include a remote mic (or spouse mic) that streams your conversation partner’s voice directly to your hearing aids; a television listening device that streams program sound directly to your hearing aids; and a device that streams calls and music directly to your hearing aids. Each of these is sold separately, but can improve listening enjoyment and hearing aid performance significantly.

Wireless Custom Earphones for People without Hearing Loss

At Associated Audiologists, our doctoral-level audiologists are experts in these advanced technologies. We carefully research the latest listening options, such as the Starkey Bragi, wireless custom earphones fit and custom-tailored for normal hearing consumers who are physically active and dislike wired earbuds or non-custom streaming.  

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