“Smart” Hearing Aid Technology Could Change Your Life

person with hearing aids viewing app on smartphone

Today we have hearing aids that are “smart!” They know a meeting sounds different from a party – even the difference between classical and pop music…and they can adjust accordingly. These smart hearing aids can keep up with the changing sounds in your life. But how is that possible?

Machine Learning Is Incorporated in Hearing Aids

Widex was the first manufacturer to implement machine learning in their new Evoke hearing aids. Machine learning may sound like a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s literally everywhere today.

For example, when streaming services like Netflix recommend a movie for you, they are using machine learning to detect the patterns of movies that you have watched in the past, and make recommendations to help you decide what to watch next.

Map companies, such as Waze, use machine learning to change recommended directions based on the drive times and reports of other drivers. The goal is that through a network of drivers, everyone gets to their destination faster and safer.

Evoke Uses SoundSense Learn to Customize Your Hearing Aid Experience

The concept is the same for Evoke’s machine learning program called SoundSense Learn. This program uses real-time machine learning to quickly learn your preferences in any listening environment easily and efficiently so that you can hear better in the moment and in the long term.

SoundSense Learn allows you to easily personalize your listening preferences on demand by selecting the sound that you like best through a simple A/B comparison. This way, no matter where you are, you are able to control your environment to hear your best.

Evoke Gets Feedback from Hearing Aid Wearers Worldwide

In addition to learning from your preferences, Evoke learns from wearers all over the world by sending anonymous preference data to a secured Widex Cloud. This allows the system to get smarter each and every day, benefiting all wearers of the technology.

Benefits of SoundSense Learn:

  • Less time spent during visits to your audiologist trying to describe a specific listening scenario where you had difficulty hearing.
  • You get more out of your hearing experience, and it’s customized just for your personal circumstances.
  • Easy to use for any age.
  • The technology continues to learn from you and all wearers.

Want to find out more about this amazing hearing aid technology that learns about your hearing preferences as you wear it and delivers a customized hearing solution?

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