What’s the Fastest Hearing Aid on the Market?


whats_the_fastest_hearing_aid_on_the_marketMany people find deciding on hearing aids a difficult task. Whether you have budget constraints or you have a specific kind of hearing loss, there are many factors to consider as you review the many hearing aids that are currently available on the market. 

One of the big questions you should ask is about the technology that powers any of the models you are considering. No matter the type of hearing loss you have or your particular needs, you want a model that it is going to provide you with the technological ability to hear your very best.

The Need for Speed

One factor people do not necessarily consider when they think about hearing aids is speed. Speed is an important factor in any model’s overall performance, however. If you have ever watched a film where the audio and the video did not sync up, you know exactly why speed is important: Lagging sound makes it difficult to understand what is going on around you. 

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes, and that means they have different capabilities. Different manufacturers use different technologies and different formulas for programming and processing. This results in differences in processing speed. Some hearing aids may process sound more slowly. If they are too slow or inaccurate, you might not be able to follow the conversation as well at dinner with friends, or you might end up hearing a movie’s dialoguemicroseconds after you watch the corresponding scene.

The Fastest in the Land

Now that you understand the importance of speed in hearing aids, you’re probably wondering which is the fastest model on the market. You know you want a model that is going to deliver sound as soon as possible so you can keep in sync with the world around you. While being able to hear is important, a faster hearing aid will allow you to hear your best. 

As mentioned, different technologies are ultimately what determine the speed of different devices. That means if you’re searching for the fastest model on the market today, you will want to seek out the model that is using the best technology.

The Best Technology

With that in mind, you might ask, “Which company uses the best technology?” The answer is likely Widex, a manufacturer that is almost always at the forefront of technological innovation in hearing aids. Widex has many different models and all of them featuring the best hearing aid technology the worldhas to offer. Some models are made for iPhone, while these and others use advances in noise cancellation and wind reduction to make hearing in every situation better.

Which Widex model has the best technology? That is a difficult question, since Widex offers many great models. If you’re looking for the fastest device on the market today, the Widex Beyond model is going to be the one you want to learn more about.

Why Beyond?

The Beyond is one of Widex’s most advanced models, combining all of its technologies to create a truly superior device. Beyond is Made for iPhone and features both wind reduction and noise cancelation technology. It also features some of the best power economy on the market, which means your hearing aid batteries last longer—even when you’re streaming.

Beyond provides direct streaming between devices running iOS and the hearing aid, but it also allows users to connect using T-Coil and the WidexDexseries devices.

Crystal-Clear Streaming

One of the problems with streaming is that, if the device is slow, the streamed sound is going to lag. Of course, if you’re going to stream sound, you want a device that can keep up. The team that designed Beyond understood that—and that’s why Widex’s Beyond model is the fastest hearing aid on the market today. Beyond actually makes 600 million calculations per second to ensure seamless hearing. It also provides the best streaming experience, ensuring you get crystal-clear sound at all times.

Schedule an appointment with a doctoral-level audiologist to see if you would benefit from Widex Beyond or other great technologies available to help overcome hearing loss.