3 Benefits of Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aids

  Hearing aid technology has undergone significant advancements, evolving with people’s ever-changing lifestyles. Part of this advancement has included strengthening the relationship between smartphones and hearings aids. Apple continues to improve its Made for iPhone software and compatibility with many types of aids. Its use isn’t limited to a phone: users can control hearing aids with their tablet and other … Read More

6 Latest Hearing Technology Advancements

  You are aware of technological advancement; it happens all around you and faster than ever before. Computers are not what they were in the late 1990s, and smartphones have changed dramatically from 10 years ago. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}} One area you may not think of as a hotbed of technological advancement is hearing technology. But hearing technology is undergoing rapid change … Read More

Top Insights from this Year’s Hearing Technology Impact Report

  The hearing aid industry remains committed to discovering and advancing hearing knowledge to improve hearing quality and the lives of those suffering from hearing loss. The Hearing Industries Association (HIA) published the impact report to showcase and congratulate the innovative achievements in the hearing technology industry. With new ideas in engineering, science, and technology, this industry is at the … Read More

Unsure about the Cost of Hearing Aids? Here’s What You Need to Know

  Getting a hearing aid or two is always something of a process. Whether it’s your first time being fitted or you’re replacing an older model, you’re always going to be faced with choices. There are lots of makes and models on the market today, and hearing aid technology has improved by leaps and bounds, which means that getting a … Read More

What Advances Have There Been In Hearing Aid Technology?

  Hearing aid technology has come a long way in recent years—and it’s a game changer. Significant improvements have been made, particularly due to digital technology coming into the field of amplification. Here are the top advances that have been made in hearing aid technology. Digital signal processing The year 1996 was a significant time for hearing aid technology, as … Read More

How Is Hearing Technology Improving?

Hearing aids improve quality of life for the millions of Americans with hearing loss. They’re known to improve speech and memory as well as cognitive performance in older adults. Today, we have greater understanding of exactly how hearing works, and advances in technology have allowed for improvements in hearing aid technology. Hearing aids continue to improve from year to year. … Read More