What’s the Latest Breakthrough Hearing Technology and Do You Need It?

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Lots of people think they need the latest bells and whistles on everything from their smartphones to their computers, to their cars. So why should hearing aids be any different?  And if you want the latest hearing aids, what’s one of the top features you should consider? According to our doctoral-level audiologists, one of the top features many people now … Read More

Does Wearing Hearing Aids Reduce Cognitive Decline?

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Scientists are focused on figuring out how to prevent cognitive decline as we age. Unfortunately, there are still no effective treatments or cures. However, a number of studies have shown a connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. In fact, findings from a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggested that hearing loss may help identify individuals at greater … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids may appeal to you because you’re interested in a “greener” way to power your hearing aids, or you may have difficulty handling the tiny batteries used in traditional hearing aids. Here, we answer some common questions about rechargeable hearing aids to help you weigh your choices. Q.  Are there any differences between traditional and rechargeable hearing aids, … Read More

How Hearing Aid Accessories Could Help You Hear Better

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Public spaces, such as auditoriums, one-on-one conversations, watching television and listening to phone calls or music can all present listening challenges. That’s where hearing aid accessories come in. Hearing aid accessories and devices can bridge the gap between you and the sound source by eliminating the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation, bypassing challenging acoustics—sending sound directly to your … Read More

Apps to Help You Hear Better

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If you go to the App store on your cell phone and search for hearing apps, you’ll find everything from decibel meters to hearing tests to apps that claim to improve your hearing. But how do you know if an app will help you? Here we highlight two apps that many people with hearing challenges are finding helpful. Stream Live … Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids today are much smaller and smarter than ever before! Today’s hearing aids don’t just make sounds louder – they’re equipped with technology that helps target the sounds you need and want to hear, making those sounds more prominent than other background sounds. Artificial Intelligence Is New to the Hearing Aid Industry Artificial intelligence (AI) in hearing aids is … Read More

What to Expect from the Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Due to recent advancements in technology, hearing aids have come a long way. With more choices than ever before, it’s a lot easier to find hearing aid solutions that meet your needs. No matter your type of hearing loss and lifestyle, you can find your ideal devices. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}}

Hearing Technology and Moisture: What to Do with Wet Hearing Aids

  You know the scene: someone is walking along the street, then they accidentally dropped their cellphone in a puddle. Or perhaps they were standing poolside, trying to get the perfect selfie. Or maybe they forgot to take their phone out of their pocket before they went wading into the lake. The ending is always the same: the phone doesn’t … Read More

What Bluetooth Hearing Aid Options Are Available?

  In August, Phonak announced its plans to release what it called a “game-changing” Bluetooth hearing aid. The company claims the new device will be able to connect directly to any cell phone or TV. {{cta(‘e6d39ba6-aad0-4b56-9975-2edf980caa65’)}} The announcement might have left you wondering just how “game-changing” this development is. Aren’t there already many different Bluetooth models available? Understanding the Bluetooth … Read More