How Can I Get Widex Hearing Aids?


Widex is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids that uses the most innovative digital and wireless technologies in its designs. Its goal is to help those with hearing loss hear the full spectrum of sounds in the world, from background noises and music to whispers and speech. Its products allow users to both communicate and connect clearly and effectively.

You may be familiar with the Widex Unique hearing aid. It’s a high-quality hearing aid with a wider sound picture so you can hear both loud and soft sounds in comfort. It uses a wind noise reduction so you can still hear speech when it’s windy outside. And it automatically detects your listening environment to ensure that you’re hearing what you want to hear, and nothing else.

Or, perhaps you’ve heard of its latest innovation, the Widex Beyond made-for-iPhone hearing aid. Offering the best sound and more possibilities than ever before, the Widex Beyond hearing aid can help you connect to the world around you. What’s more, it allows for greater customization of your hearing aids through a personalized app. You can create sound templates, use personal pictures, individually adjust your hearing aids’ volume, select the directionality of your microphones, and even use the phone’s built in microphone for special listening situations.

The manufacturer also has a wide variety of other hearing aids, including technology called Zen to help manage tinnitus and the Dream hearing aid technology known for providing you true-to-life sounds.

Regardless of which Widex hearing aid you’re interested in, you want to know how to purchase from the manufacturer. Keep reading to find out.

Online hearing retailers

Online shopping is becoming increasing popular. Consumers are now doing the majority of their shopping online, from buying gifts and clothes to groceries and toiletries. Online shopping offers unmatched convenience. It often results in better prices and more variety for non-personalized items, and it allows for greater price comparison as well as the benefit of no crowds.

However, there is one thing that online shopping cannot offer: specialized fittings specifically tailored to your needs. That’s why Widex products aren’t sold through online hearing retailers. Internet retailers who sell their products online without face-to-face consultation are not endorsed by the manufacturer.

Available through hearing healthcare professionals

Widex hearing aids offers exceptional hearing performance because they’re fitted to wearers’ exact hearing loss and preferences. However, this performance can only be offered when the hearing aids are indeed recommended for and fitted to your unique hearing requirements by a trained audiologist with experience.

As a result, Widex products are exclusively sold through authorized dealers who are trained on the proper use of the technology and who offer quality professional services as well as fitting precision. Only after a face-to-face consultation, evaluation, and fitting can superior hearing performance be achieved.


Widex offers warranties on its products to assure wearers’ hearing success for years to come. However, these warranties are only offered when its products are purchased through authorized retailers and a face-to-face fitting is performed.

Widex products purchased online are not valid for warranty. In addition, the warranties are only connected to the original patient assigned to the serialized unit. The warranties are thus not transferable for used products.

Widex products that are sent in for repair or service, but which have not been obtained via an authorized distribution channel, will either be returned unrepaired or confiscated.

Your hearing is as individual as your fingerprint. In order to get the best hearing performance through Widex products, purchase these hearing aids from a qualified, authorized hearing healthcare professional, like Associated Audiologists, who now serves people needing hearing airs in Lawrence, KS! This ensures that the products are tailored to your exact needs and preferences by one of our doctoral-level audiologists.