Can You Afford the Cost of Hearing Aids? Here’s What You Should Know

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Many people live with hearing loss. In fact, it’s the third-most common health problem in the United States today. Most people are predicted to have some form of hearing loss as they grow older. Others may have been born with hearing problems. Some may develop them as a result of their occupation.

No matter your situation, however, hearing aids can help. Yet many people forego these devices. Some will say they simply don’t need them, while others worry about comfort and fit.

The most common reason is uncertainty about cost. If you’re like most people, you’ve wondered how much hearing aids cost, or what kind of cost you can expect. If you’ve concerned about this, there’s some good news. Here’s what you need to know.

A Huge Range of Prices

If you search the Internet for the cost of hearing aids, you’ll come across a wide range of information. Some models are very inexpensive, while other models can cost thousands of dollars per device. What’s the reasoning behind this?

Just as there’s a huge range of prices, there’s also a number of different makes and models. Inexpensive hearing aids don’t have the same features or technology as their more expensive counterparts. The most expensive hearing aids have high-end technology and features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, all designed to help you hear your very best.

With so many options, it can be daunting to try and choose a hearing aid you can afford. A better way to start is to ask yourself what you need.

Finding Middle Ground

While the cost of hearing aids may seem like your most pressing concern, you should ask yourself what you need in a device.

If you’re not sure what features best suit your hearing loss and lifestyle, talk to a doctoral-level audiologist. . An audiologist is trained to  guide you through the maze of different models and features, helping you decide which features you absolutely must have.

Narrowing the Range

Once you know what you need, you can figure out what you can afford. Again, your audiologist’s advice is invaluable as you research which models come with the features you must have and fall in your price range.

On average, entry-level hearing aids start at $600 per ear, while more sophisticated devices cost up to $3,400 per ear.

Insurance Coverage

Be sure to talk with you audiologist about your budget and lifestyle early on in the selection process.  We can help you choose a model that meets all your needs.

In addition, the staff at Associated Audiologists can investigate any insurance coverage or benefits you may have that could help cover the cost of hearing aids. We also can assist with financing options, if needed.  

There Is Help

Although your insurance may not cover the cost of hearing aids, there are plenty of programs designed to help people get the hearing support they need. Talk to your audiologist about the programs you qualify for.

You can afford the hearing aids you want and need. Don’t let cost stop you from hearing your very best!

For more information about hearing aids, including cost, schedule an appointment with one of our doctoral-level audiologists at 855-547-8745 to obtain individualized recommendations specific to you and your needs, or request an appointment online.