Everything You Need To Know About Investing In Widex Hearing Aids


Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Investing-In-Widex-Hearing-Aids.jpgThanks to advances in hearing technology, people with hearing loss have more choices, more features, and more technologies to choose from to improve listening comfort and speech recognition in a variety of listening environments. Today’s hearing aids can help you hear better than ever before.

Widex, one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, has two types of revolutionary hearing aids, along with multiple accessories, that can help you enjoy the best that life has to offer you.

The BEYOND™ hearing aid

Widex’s new BEYOND hearing devices are arguably the best made-for-iPhone hearing solution that the world of hearing aid technology has to offer. These hearing aids offers more opportunities for people with hearing loss to connect to the world around them.

You can make these devices your own through the creation of a personalized app. In this app, you can adjust listening preferences and sound settings, create sound templates for specific environments, adjust the volume individually, choose between listening comfort or clarity or speech, choose the directionality of the microphones, and even locate the devices if you’ve lost them.

Thanks to the customizable app, you have full control and functionality over your listening situation. And not only do BEYOND™ hearing aids keep you connected to your Apple iPhone, but they also connect to phones, TVs, and telecoils with DEX communication solutions.

They also have SMARTWIND Manager technology, which improves speech recognition in wind by 30%.

The UNIQUE™ hearing aid

The UNIQUE™ hearing aid is another major advancement in technology, with a new chip platform that increases capabilities to help people with hearing loss better understand speech in a wide variety of listening environments.

The new chip platform allows for a wider range of sounds to be processed, while decreasing unwanted noise. With UNIQUE™, speech sounds are more intelligible, soft sounds are more audible, and loud sounds are more comfortable—which is everything you could want from a hearing aid.


Widex has also developed a wide range of hearing aid accessories. Its DEX assistive listening devices allow you to connect and communicate with the other audio equipment in your life, such as your television and telephone.

Its CROS™ solution is ideal for people with single-sided deafness or one-sided hearing loss. Its SCOLA™ FM System is the ideal hearing system for schools, allowing students with hearing impairments to get the most value out of their lessons.

The RC-DEX remote control can allow you to adjust volume and switch between programs wirelessly and discreetly. And its electronic drying system can help you keep your hearing aids clean.

Get the best possible hearing aid performance

Hearing aid technology has come a long way, and there are numerous hearing aid options to choose from. There are also numerous retailers to purchase from.

However, to ensure you receive the best possible hearing aid performance, you should always purchase hearing aids from an authorized hearing healthcare professional who is trained on the proper use of Widex products and can provide fitting precision. That’s why Widex products are not authorized for online sales. Achieving optimal performance is only possible through a face-to-face evaluation and consultation.


All of the best products come with guaranteed quality. That’s why Widex offers a warranty on its hearing aids to ensure successful hearing for many years to come. These warranties, however, are only offered with sales through authorized retailers that include face-to-face fittings.

In addition, warranties are not transferable for used hearing aids. It’s important to understand that every person’s hearing loss is unique, and the skills and expertise of a hearing healthcare professional are required to ensure that Widex products are specifically tailored to match each wearer’s preferences and hearing specifications.

Associated Audiologists is an authorized Widex retailer. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctoral-level audiologists for a comprehensive hearing evaluation and to learn more about Widex hearing aids.