Understanding Hearing Assistive Technology

Hearing aids do just that – they “aid” you in hearing better – but even with the latest technology, hearing aids have limitations. Public spaces, such as auditoriums, one-on-one conversations, watching television, and listening to phone calls or music can all present listening challenges.

That’s where hearing aid accessories come in. Hearing aid accessories and devices can bridge the gap between you and the sound source by eliminating the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation, bypassing challenging acoustics – sending sound directly to your ears.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Many advanced hearing aids have exciting technology available to improve your hearing when talking on the phone, listening to the TV or communicating with family and friends in complex environments where there is background noise or you cannot clearly see the speaker’s face. These devices utilize wireless connectivity and Bluetooth accessories to improve your listening experience.

Three Helpful Hearing Aid Accessories

Three such accessories include a remote mic, or spouse mic, that streams your conversation partner’s voice directly to your hearing aids; a television listening device that streams program sound directly to your hearing aids; and a device that streams calls directly to your hearing aids. Each of these is sold separately, but can improve listening enjoyment and hearing aid performance significantly.

  • Spouse Mic – Perfect for One-on-One ConversationsThe conversation partner simply clips a discreet remote mic onto their clothing, or places it on a table. The individual with hearing loss may or may not need to wear a wireless Bluetooth accessory around their neck, depending upon their hearing aid model. The mic has a 30-foot range and the mic and receiver work best when they are within sight of one another. This device also can be used to stream calls and music. It is especially helpful in one-on-one conversations in difficult listening environments.
  • Television Listening Device – Streams TV Directly to Hearing AidsThis wireless assistive listening device is specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio and streams program sound directly to your hearing aids. The main advantage is the real-time, high-quality stereo sound it provides. Plus, the sound is delivered directly to your ears and programmed exactly for your individual hearing loss needs.
  • Call Listening System – Streams Telephone Calls Directly to Hearing AidsThese systems can stream calls directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids using an ultra-compact device designed specifically for this purpose. The device simply inserts into the jack plug of your phone. You are then free to use your mobile phone normally. No neck loop is necessary, and it is compatible with most mobile phones.

Talk to an Audiologist to Learn More

There are many other hearing aid accessories and hearing assistive technologies that can improve your hearing aids’ performance and your listening enjoyment. To learn more about how hearing aid accessories could work for you, talk with a doctoral-level audiologist and explain your listening needs and challenges. The audiologist can then recommend the best technology for you, taking your lifestyle and budget into consideration.

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